I just watched a segment on PBS on drug prices...outrageous

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    One lady was doing a search on her cancer drug which ranged from almost $500 to $ll......WHAT! And a BIG surprise was that Target and CVS were the highest. And a bigger surprise was that Target would match the price on the $11 drug.

    They also talked about a fairly new drug indexing website where you just type in the name of the drug and do a big search.

    I'm hoping this won't be zapped because this website and information is important for people to have. (what just happened to the letters?)

    Here's the website: goodrx (just add the usual when going there direct)
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    my few meds cost me about $70 or so for a 3 month supply on them... I remember some yrs ago while at a pharm an older man had to walk away without his $200 med.....I don't buy into Pres D insurance as I don't want to take more meds than I really need.....I've priced some pain meds over the years and due to cost, could not even try them....I spend most on supps..

    it's rather cruel thinking about it all, profits before people. money driven society we live in. jam
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    I think the real tragedy is being prescribed medication that you KNOW doesn't work and having the doctor say "Oh, we just need to up your dosage!" NO, you DON'T! And I don't need to fund your kickbacks for prescribing this worthless garbage! My latest MD is trying to push massive doses of Lyrica on me. I take 75mg ONCE a day. It works for ME. But he claims that's "impossible" because the dosage is so low, so therefore it "doesn't work". Well, I am not taking any more. I would think the PATIENT would know the best whether or not something works or does not. My doctor does not live in my body. I am not a "case study", "guinea pig" or "typical" (who, with FM IS? But apparently, I don't know Jack after 20 years with this DD!