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    ummm...does anyone notice turning in circles at night??? just wondering, i have never noticed this but last night i know i woke up 4 different times and i turned a half circle each time. kinda reminded me of my dauchsand, how she goes around and around until she is comfortable. damn, i'm becoming a dog. LOL LOL
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    lol, that is sooo odd!

    but i do that too! It is ALWAYS in the same direction too, i don't flip flop, i roll and roll, then i wake up in the morning with my hair looking like,(get this)

    DONALD TRUMP!!! big cowlick.

    I wake up many times too. Are we related? lol, just kidding.

    Nice to meet you!
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    lol, it is only one way with me too. i turn to my left if i'm lying down. donald trump, LOL toooo funny. mines just usually matted down.
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    has yours ever got caught in the arm of your robe??? or the arm of your jacket???

    LORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...let me tell u

    i went out one night a while back(2yrs) and i come home a couple hours later(thank goodness) and here was my baby stuck in the arm of my robe. i had threw the robe on recliner and she had cuddled up in it!!! LMAOOOOO oh my god, i thought i was going to have to call 911. then i said well i gotta get this on camera. so i took some pics of her. LOL..i just about peed in my pants from laughing. she did nothing but look at me like i was the devil. LOL.....she did it again tuesday morning, in the arm of my jacket. she has issues but don't we all. LOL
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    cute name. i bet he is purdyyyyy...i love dauchsands. short legs, long bodys. coochie(she was named before i got her) is 9. just some words of advice, be aware of his back. coochie has trouble getting up the steps sometimes, we have to help her. dauchsands are special, close to human.

    u ever think about giving him up..let me know
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    i'm telling ya'll...dauchsands think they are human. mine attacked my eeyore slipper yesterday. gnawing and growling, etc etc...so funny. dang slipper is big as she is.

    6 dogs in a bed with 2 adults and u are in pain??? NO WONDER!!! one dog takes up the whole bed!!!! LOL

    i am not sure how to put a pic on here but i will look into it!!!
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    figured the picture thing out....elvis is the black lab and coochie is the dauchsand....gizmo is the german shepherd and the cats are zipper and tigger. lord i have a house full of animals(including kids)!!!!!
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    I posted a picture of my baby "BUFFY" she's the white one, she's a mini american eskimo spitz.Clifford is the red/brown pup, he's my sons, he's a goofball!Runs into doors, falls down, and is scared to death of CATS!LOL

    I should've called her NANA, if iknew how smart she was going to be i would have, she lets me know when it's time to go pick the kids up at the bus stop! At 3:30 she strats going crazy, jumping on me, pulling me.

    She does tricks for her treats.She goes everywhere with me!
    I love her so much! I haven't had her fixed, so she wears a doggy diaper when she's in heat, and THAT is funny lookin'.

    Yall take care! Hey moody!