I keep falling... anybody else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laceymae, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I fell again yesterday, not as bad as the last time, but I landed on the same side in the same spot.Ouch, I think I may have really messed up this time.

    If I'm not better soon, I'm off to the ER.

    Does anybody else fall a lot. I know the steps were slick from all the rain, but I can't figure out why I am so accident prone lately.

    I don't think that it is the meds that I am on, they don't make me very light- headed.

    I guess what bothered me the most, was my daughter seen it and it really scared her, but then she kinda looked at me funny and said,"It's a good thing that you have a lot of padding" Everyone needs a 16 year old...lol

  2. Kimberlysue

    Kimberlysue New Member

    I was falling also and went to a Neuro. and had to go through test.
    The last one was a balance test and I found out my left side of my brain is wicker then my right and that is why my balance is off and i fall.

    lol I have a 19 & 17 year old.

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  3. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    if you search this website for tripping you will see alot of us have this problem......

    my kids are 18 and 23 and also get a kick out of it. I'd like to "kick" them ! LOL

  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    Don't know how or way, but I fall a lot lately. It's almost like one of my legs give out on me. It's embarrassing.
  5. cilli

    cilli New Member

    I have no big toe nails left from falls, stubs, trips, etc. I have bruises all over my body, burns from cooking, cuts, scrapes, you name it.

    Everyone I know is threating to make me a suit from bubble wrap. My boyfriend said I should just get up in the am and run into the wall and get it over with.

    He and his son get a lot of laughs because of me. I am glad to know that i'm not alone. It's not falling, but there is certainly a brain connection missing somewhere in the coordination dept.

    Love and Hugs Cilli
  6. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    Its a running joke around our family if anyone hears a thud they go looking for Mom. If I am out of sight a long time they go to look for me in case I am laying someplace.
    This has been going on for about 15 years or better. I think its the weakness the fibro gives my legs and feet. I also have no balance and have a hard time in the shower if I close my eyes to shampoo my hair. My next shower will have someplace to sit!
  7. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    can be related to how the thyroid is functioning. I had TERRIBLE coordination till I fixed (improved) my hypothyroidism. Was even walking into walls! Now I have most of my coordination back.


  8. Chermione

    Chermione New Member

    I haven't fallen all the way down, but I walk into walls a lot. I'm afraid I'm going to fall, one of these times I wont have a wall to stop me.
    I also drop things a lot lately. I've had one MRI on my brain and it was normal.
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  9. algr

    algr New Member

    I haven't fallen, but I often feel as if I might. I lost my balance easily and falter, usually catch myself on the other foot. I often run into things, usually just by hitting my hip or shoulder on the corner of a desk, display (at work) or doorframe. I worry that I might progress to the point where I will fall, or even pass out when it comes to walking around campus.

    And I admit, from the perspective of someone's 18 year old, I'd probably tease my mom if she fell, but since it's a worry of my own, the post/present adolescent appeal doesn't apply as readily!

  10. DShep

    DShep New Member

    I've had CFS for twelve years. I get off balance easily, run into door frames, bump my head a lot, knock things off the stove, and just generally become uncoordinated when I have it flare up. It seems to be a part of the "brain cloud" thing for me. It's as if my brain can't keep track of my body anymore.
  11. hurtalot2

    hurtalot2 New Member

    I fall often. I also noticed that every time I fall it is on my left side. Sometimes I feel so out of balance. I feel like my left side pulls on me. Strange new problem I need to tell my doctor.
  12. violarose1

    violarose1 New Member

    espicially when i run out of steam, thats it.
  13. lgaye

    lgaye New Member

    I have fallen and tripped more times this past year than I have my entire 40 year life. I broke my left foot, falling. Then, while it was almost healed, I tripped going up stairs and reinjured it. Then, I fell down a hill because that same foot went out on me. Then, just last weekend, I bumped that SAME foot into a computer table and now I can barely walk on it again. I don't know what causes this, but my doc thinks it's the meds.
  14. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I guess it might be a good idea to include this in my journal.

    Just to see if it has anything to do with the weather or when I take my meds.

    I try to make a joke of it, but it is really starting to worry me.

    I'll add that to my list for my next Doc visit.

    Thanks again and everyone have a pain-free weekend.
  15. Toga

    Toga Member

    I fell last night at a High School Football Game. I was going down some concrete steps. I had stiffened up sitting on the bleachers and wanted to move around a little. Sprained my ankle.

    I guess I shouldn't have gone but I stay at home so much by myself and wanted to see my granddaughter cheer.

    This is an ankle I've sprained a half dozen times in my life and I keep reinjuring it every few years. I try so hard to be careful but someone in the crowed bumped me and I missed a step.

    I don't think its meds with me. I've been off pain meds because of being involved in a new drug study. I think I'm just very clumsy. I try so hard to be careful but something always seems to happen.

    It is such a bother.

  16. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I don't do it much anymore but come close. I used to fall so much that my son would not let me on anything but a stepladder when I was working with him as a house painter. And my ex-husband and I lived in the woods, went walking a lot and I was always falling. I have very poor balance and coordination.

    I learned years ago how to fall. I never try to catch myself or regain my balance, that just makes it worse. As soon as I feel myself going I go limp and sink straight down.

    My main worry these days is that we added a deck and it is much too high for the concrete steps. They are also too far away from the deck and too heavy to move back or lift to put cinder blocks under them.

    I have been walking into door jams and furniture all my life. I was sure I had MS, but I don't. I also trip over dust! I have crooked toes from breaking or dislocating them! If I ever had to take a roadside sobriety test I would fail hands down!

  17. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I am even afraid to get on a stepladder, my ceiling fans have so much dust, that you have to duck when you turn them on for fear of a killer dust bunnie...

    I kinda think I may be blacking out or something, because I can't remember the exact moment when I fall.

    It sure is strange, but what about this DD isn't?

  18. hoosiermama

    hoosiermama New Member

    In fact yeasterday I ran into a display at the grocery store!

    I was trying to fly in get what I needed and get out...I ran right into a display.

    Thank God I didn't do any major damage!

    My balance is weird, I kind of feel slightly off on most days!
  19. Ancient1

    Ancient1 New Member

    Especially when my brain is overstimulated and I am tired.

    Fell down a flight of stairs just last week. By day two my back muscles wouldn't work. I couldn't lift myself or roll over for three days.

    Yesterday, I lost my balance at Church and nearly landed on an infant. Caught myself on the pew. Phew!

    Pride is a real problem for me I've noticed lately, I have a cane...why am I not using it!

    I forget that while I may seem fine when I start out to do something there is no guarantee I will stay that way over time. Which could be as short as a "trip" to the mailbox.

    Eventually, I am tripping, staggering, tremoring, and falling down. Spilling things, dropping things etc.

    I know the cycle...so why don't I take better precautions?

    What do you think?
  20. nostalgicmoments

    nostalgicmoments New Member


    I have been falling since I was ten (maybe earlier). I definitely understand the fear of what other people will think. I have had the fear that people would think I was drunk, on drugs, etc.

    I started using a cane in Feb. 2004...it helped until April. I moved on to a quad-cane. It was helpful until a few weeks ago. My muscle spasms have increased, so sometimes the quad-cane is useless. One of my doctors and I have discussed moving on to a walker.

    I'm not proud, anymore. If there is something available to help me stop falling, I will try it.

    I started decorating my canes in March. It is so much better to handle comments about the flowers and other decorations on my cane. I have had people come from the back of the register line in a store to comment on the flowers, some people have said they are going to decorate their grandparent's cane, and one woman told everyone in her church group about the way I have decorated my canes.

    Take advantage of anything that will help you stop falling...broken bones are no fun.

    I hope this helps.

    Nostalgic moments keep yesterday alive!

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