i keep seeing things in my perpherial vision

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    I have been seeing shadows of people and other things I cant explain I see they only move in da shadows of darkness...I know I might sound crazy but multiply people also have witness with me also the shawdows also can move objects..I have seen door close by the self ..window blinds open.. things crawling under sheets shadows n much more some thing I see actually scare da shit out of me..I have done plenty of setting up scenario n witness it moves only n da darkplaces mistly st night... I started bout 3 months ago seeing strange things I move to another apt...n same things happens here I starting to hear them..and even see them during the day.. it like there getting stronger..I can see somebody peep there had in my door of my room n a shadows of somebody standing hiding I jump up to find theirs no real person..I get veryy cold at times almost frezzing wit no ac or window open in my house I see them everyday I thought I was Hallucinate til I clise my eyes n held my finger out cause it look like the door was closibg n da door touch my finger... Is real ..to real..then when I showd others cause they thought I went crazy when I told themt
    And when they saw it tohow can 5 differnt people at 5 differnt time all see the same thing...some couldn't recognize the shadows or form of it but what all saw object moving.. I dont kniw if this is wat yall see I dont know wat hell going on...BUT I DO KNOW ITS REAL....
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    I'm 24 years old , from last few months i have started to see shapes in dark. it shapes like human but it wont move, its look like it keep staring at me, i keep stare them back then it will get faded away , the days which i saw them i will suffer the night with disturbing dreams like daemons and evils , but i dont feel any fear on it, its like a nightmare which not scary, but the dreams are too violent and a lot of blood so i'm afraid it may trigger my epilepsy on sleep , it happens before if i see blood in sleep triggers epilepsy . i dont believe in ghosts so please suggest me what kinda psychic state is this, i really have a tight schedule so i cannot waste a lot time consulting a psychiatrist. is it side effects of my tablet?

    Levere 1000 mg two times a day
    valance OD 500 Mg two times a day
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    It's so strange that you mention this. For the past few months I've been seeing wisps of what looks like white smoke out of the corner of my eye. The first few times I thought maybe I had forgotten about a cigarette burning in the ashtray next to me becayse I am a smoker and that's exactly what it looked like, but I never had one lit when I've experienced this. It's happening more and more frequently. When I did an online search for "seeing white smoke in peripheral vision" there were tons of personal stories from other people witnessing the same. It seems the majority or those who witness this are in fact clairvoyant or sensitive to some degree. This post is actually the reason I signed up for this forum. I wanted to see if I could find more people who had heard of any connection to fibromyalgia and a larger percentage of us who are clairvoyant or sensitive.
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    I've also witnessed this strange phenomenon small black objects shift or move in your peripheral vision or sometimes right out in front of you but not exactly what you are looking at kind of in your line of sight but not your focus of attention. My explanation of this is the veil between the plains that of the strange, mystical, paranormal, fairy, magical whichever youthism you decide to call it, is more let's say unblurred for us. Do you also have constant deja vu or swear that you dreamed events before they happened, maybe even are able to see the true nature of a person that others don't see. You are more in tuned with the psyche and world around you. Personally when I see the objects moving out the corner of my eye or in my line of vision but not exactly my line of focus I just call out "I seen you" when I'm alone of course don't want people thinking I'm crazy. There's a lot in this world that can't be explained there is also a lot that we once knew but forgotten, and for people thinking that I'm crazy and who are religious you can believe in a entity called God and that Jesus rose from the grave after he died for our sins but not something like this kind of makes you a hypocrite. Just take it as what it is something that can't be fully explained but yet something that is out there you're not crazy, we're not crazy for the ones reading this thinking we are. I say just think of yourself as open to what's around you.
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    Well some may believe but some may think I'm crazy but we're in the last age of time called aquarian age and it's know to be the spiritual age of time so everyone on earth is more and more raising there vibrational level and we became more aware and spirtualy atuned we just don't know it so when you see these things in the corner or perifiral vision it's because ur not focused so you pick it up an see energy or good and bad spirits. but once you turn an focus you loose it's sight cause we all are so conditioned so not see those things we loose sight cause out conscious mind kicks in and makes sense of what your seeing
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    I have been seeing shadows for years now out of my peripheral vision. Sometimes it is almost like a small dog, or a cat size, and sometimes it is like bugs or spiders moving. This is all the time, all day long, every day. I know that I am open to other planes of energy because I have seen a full bodied apparition not that long ago. She looked as real to me as any person that would stand in front of me in the middle of the day. She floated down the first set of stairs to the landing and then just disappeared. Most people have a natural "bounce" in their step and she did not. She literally just glided down the stairs, she didn't look at me, and what makes it more crazy is that for as long as I can remember (in my adult years) there has been a ghost or a spirit following me from home to home. My children as well as other people that lived at my home had seen the little girl for years before I actually seen her. I lived in a town house an my dog would not go up the stairs, or down the stairs, for any reason at all. I even tried to bribe him with hot dogs and food and he still would not go. He would growl and snarl his teeth at the bottom of the stairs for no reason at all sometimes too. We also have seen a grown man with a fedora hat and he was very tall. He would always be in the same place and walk into the same room. We ALL see the same things in the different homes we have lived in. I did not even thing to link the shadows of insects and bugs, cats, dogs, whatever little thing runs by me, to the paranormal but I will definitely think of it now. I thought maybe that I was just going crazy because of the high amount of stress that I am always in.
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    Are you sure it isn't floaters. I have a bunch of floaters and that's what I see in my peripheral vision.
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    Anybody had a blow to the head? Especially to the temporal lobes? Vision problems are
    a common result (I have read). Therapy without surgery may help.