I kind of like everything Lyme-related in one place on here

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by connieaag, May 9, 2008.

  1. connieaag

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    I like being able to stay on one board! And the traffic is picking up; as I think more from the FM/CFS board are looking outside the box and have lots of questions that were getting lost in the controversy over there.

    Still if it weren't for posts on that board I would never have looked into Lyme, so I think an occasional reminder can't hurt!

    Welcome to all!
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  2. erica741

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    PJ and LAML, I agree that it is important to continue to post about lyme on the CFS board - at least to suggest that lyme could be a possibility and that Igenex is the best way to find chronic lyme.

    Also, most folks on the CFS/FM board probably don't even know there is a Lyme board. I was on the CFS board for 1.5 yrs before I knew there was a Lyme board, and it was only because one the lymies (i think Victoria) replied to one my posts and suggested I check out the Lyme board.

    PJ, I love how you said you've "converted" 25-30 CFS/FMers to lyme! I guess I am included in that count.

    However, it is nice to have specific information about lyme tests, treatments, LLMDs over here. That CFS board moves so fast that a lot of great lyme info would get buried there.
  3. connieaag

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    It's a great board and I learned a lot when I thought we were dealing with FM! Now the "flavor of the week" is Lyme, so I like not having to search so much! I think fewer opinions helps too! ;)