i know how to make probiotics..thanks kd.

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    saturday i started making my own probiotics..been learning since last year. i finally got it right this time, yesterday i started feeling real bad...

    the kind where you want to cry, i dont cry easily, i wanted to know why i am so sick, then i realize that im making probiotics,

    where i am pushing out the bad bacteria, BUT the kicker was i wasnt making enough to last me for the full day, and i wasn't taking the capsules that i have,

    then it dawn on me, that when i push the bad bacteria out in the day time, and they are dieing,

    or what ever they are doing in my system im not putting anymore in the afternoon because i wasnt taking any more probiotic for the day,

    the problem is.. i couldnt find a big enough glass bottle to make enough for one day..

    i took the capsules and as i took them. i felt a little better, that also is telling me the probiotics that im makin is working..

    i justed need a tall glass of to make a big jar,

    im using a magonaize jar,i ran out to parkmark and found a tall wine glass botlle with a tin mouth.

    where are the bottles, cant find one to save my life.

    the wine bottle will have to do until i can get something wider and better,

    so far my gas has completed gone. no more.. excuse my language..FARTING, finger cross,

    i have alot of yeast, cause i realized now that is what is eating up my meals...

    UPDATES.. found something... my blender is glass, i will use that..the cover has to be lose to work..