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    I have until the 4 of September to appeal. I don't have anything new but (hopefully) records from my internist. That's all. I don't know what to add new on the appeal papers about my condition since is about the same.

    Would it be better to file again in 6 months or so if in fact I am worse? Would that get their attention more than if I appealed now?

    I am following your advice because I really have no one else to ask. I just don't want to do the wrong thing.

    Again, I work 20 hrs a week and have a small savings in a CD. I am not destitute but I do live with my kids and but have bills to pay. I put on my appeal that I needed help with my bills that I can't work much and when my therapist say it she said "SS doesn't want to hear you need help on your bills that it looks like I want a hand out."

    I keep explaining but you all know. I am too old and too sick to fight the everyday work scene and getting ready. Apparently ss doesnn't care. If I can dress myself and eat and drive I should be able to work. Is that true do you think?

    Donna the annoying
  2. Rose_Red

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    Social Security is a beauracracy with lots of hoops to jump through. And even more red tape.

    Most people are denied the first time. Period. If you're denied once - you're denied twice. Expect it. Even my Godfather who had terminal liver cancer and leukemia got denied twice. If he died before they offered him a pathetic backpay settlement only going back a few months instead of to the date of onset it would have gone to his widow.

    If you cannot work and financially care for yourself then most definitely appeal it! If you want a lawyer for the 2nd appeal when it goes before the admisitrative judge (and those guys are actually human beings who realize you've been out of work for at least 2 years) you might as well hire one now. Their fee is the same regardless of many times they do your paperwork.

    IMHO I think that if you can live in poverty for 2 years then SSA believes that you are sick. Maybe I'm just too cynical for my age.

  3. Jgavi

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    It sounds like you are at the end of your rope, please call www.allsupinc.com, the people at allsup are professionals and will guide you- no costs at all.
    They help so many people and few know about them.

    Call them before you go to court, since your at an appeal level it is important the judge understands YOU...allsup will bring up so many things you wouldnt think would mattter to you but it will to the judge!-
    This is all they do at allsup and understand the system very well!

  4. spacee

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    My friend with FM was denied SS because she worked parttime as a school crossing guard. They said "if you are working...then you CAN WORK."

    She has an attorney now and is in the appeal process.

    I know this isn't good news but wanted you to know all sides of it. I do so much wish you the best.

  5. puppyfreak

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    Another factor is your age [it shouldn't be but I've seen it here].
    I'm 53 and just got approved for SSDI and it's retroactive to October, 2001. My judge seemed to think I was getting close to retirement [?!] but I think the deciding factor [after the first 2 denials] was that the Carpal Tunnel has gotten much worse in both hands, but especially the right which is my dominant hand.
    Besides FM, I have Autoimmune Vasculitis with neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. So I can't walk or stand. And the back/neck/hip/shoulder pain from FM makes sitting difficult but they seemed to think I could do that [at a computer or a phone].
    But since my hands are no longer reliable, they couldn't think of any job I could do [I'm a nurse by profession so they'd have to retrain me for a sit-down job, too].
    Anyway, DOCUMENT how working affects you - fatigue, increased pain, mental stress, having to take more meds, etc. And calling in sick or having to go home. Then by the time your hearing rolls around, they'll see that you can't support yourself.
    But the other person who said it was right - they don't give a D#$& about your bills!

  6. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    being annoying dont think that.
    They know nothing & theyre very ignorant so try to ignore them if possible.
    You know youre ill so do we & thats all that matters.
    Here are some very gentle hugs ((((((.
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    Hi I don't know if you have replied yet to social sec. but I wanted to give you a little advise I used. I didn't have a lawyer because they said I wouldn't win because of my age, I am 38 I won a couple of years ago. A few things I did was get letters from family, friends and doctors explaining I could not work for the last 5 years back. I researched every doctor I had for the last 10 to 12 years even though I didn't need to go that far back. I had every record sent to me. I hilighted every important illnes, surgery etc. I could find. I proved a history of depresion. I had the pyschiatrist waiting at his desk for the phone call from the judge the day of my hearing. My husband showed up to the hearing with me and testified to how I felt and what I couldn't do on a daily basis. I had a rheumatolagist write a letter. I listed every single med I had ever been on and what I still was on. I had explanations to many advents to anxiety attacks that happened at work. I also had a list of how many jobs I had to leave do to surgeries or illness. You could even have past managers write you a letter. Don't give up they denied me 2 times before I saw the judge. I went by myself with my husband. I had no lawyer. Remember gather lots of letters from others to defend you. Every where you can think of you can not have to many. gather lots of proof. They don't want to here why you need money they need to know why your disabled and cant make your own money. If you want to talk I'll check back in.

    Good Luck,
  8. sjogrens

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    I forgot to tell you if you didn't have time to put any of this info on the appeal thats ok bring all your new information on your court date and give it to judge. This is if you get denied and given a court date. I kind of liked the fact that I could defend myself in person to the judge. Just have everything together and be prepared.
    Good Luck!

  9. chazzsmom99

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    I checked out the alsup website, and here they say there is a fee if they win for you:

    What are Allsup’s fees?
    The Social Security Administration governs our fees. Our typical fee is 25 percent of the retroactive (back) award, not to exceed $5,300. We do not charge a fee unless we are successful in obtaining your benefits.

    I copied/pasted this from their website...

    I don't mind paying as long as I don't have to worry about anything from the app to the judge. I get so spacey or depressed that I would just mess it up if I represented myself.


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