I know I should be in bed but I am not sleepy NOW

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    All day long I have felt icky and exhusted and as I was watching T.V I would doze off and wonder why the show was different than it was before , I was not alseep for very long. But long enough that things had changed.

    This has happened all day long. Didn't matter if I was reading or watching TV I was so exhusted that even moving around made me feel so tired and washed out.

    Just standing to get my dish washer loaded and my pots and , pans washed made my legs ache adn stiffen up alot.

    I finally got the dishwasher loaded and my pots and pans washed up and in the dish drainer and what ever energy I had was gone and I felt like some one had just beaten me up. I felt as if I had over done it so much and all I did was wash up a few pans and load my dishwasher and it was not even a big load.

    I am done taking my antibioctics as I have had bronchitis and maybe that is why I am so exhusted now. And while I was sick my husband was in the ICU with problems with his diebites. HE went into a diebetic keytoacidosis and spent a few days in the ICU at our hospital and he HATES hospitals and he was out of it so much.

    That when I broght him home he asked me why had I told our friends that the nurse's would not let me see him and he was really irrated by this remark . And I had never told any one any thing close to than, Altough the nurse that was there when he got there was not happy at some friends that came in to see him and he said that he would restrict visitors execpt for me.

    The nurse's wanted to know why I didn't stay there with him for more than 15 minutes and i would tell them that he would get all antsy and tell me that he didn't need a baby sitter and I didn't need to be there watching over him as I would get sick and I already was sick. But we worked it out and he got over it.

    That was over two weeks ago and I still am exhusted by all this, the stress and the bronchitis too have taken so much from me that I have the energy of a wet noodle.

    I talked to my daughters today and one is feeling really good but her sweetie had been not so smart and burned his hand and it sounded like it was at least a 2nd degree burn as it had bisters on this burn and it sounded like it was a big burn .But like most men he told me that " Mom it is not that bad, I will be ok." I hope that he keeps it covered for a while so that the blisters heal and don't break. HE does not need a infection in his hand from this,

    And my youngest daughter is not feeling so good . She is 12 weeks along today. I hope that her hubby will grow up during this pregnancy more than the last. They have the cutest little boy Braxton who is 15 months old and grammy's favorite babe.

    This was not something that was planned but I hope that she will perk up and he will get a boot to the head and smarten up as well as grow up and get it that he is the DAD not the big brother and that he needs to help her with Braxton more than ever now. And just help her around the house and treat her with respect. Yes I have some issues with him but I want the best for my baby and she is not getting it.

    So maybe some stress is getting to me and I am not getting the rest I need.And if all that has gone on is not enough we have a water leak that is on our side of the water system in town and we have to fix it. I could not sleep last night as I could hear this sound of water running so loudly. Our house was a basement home and then built up . So all the pipes are down stairs so you hear them so much that they sound so LOUD that it kept me awake.

    So on Saturday we will fix it so today I have to clean the bath room and get it all cleaned up so that if people who are helping my hubby fix this water leak need the bathroom.So I have lots to do. And I just don't have the energy for it. I hurt , I am tired, I ache all over and my wrist is burning so much that I can't take it anymore.

    So me and my leaking eye's are going to go to bed.
  2. victoria

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    I know what you mean, I am awake and wide-eyed too on the east coast!

    So sorry you have been going thru so much stress, I know when I've been stressed it is hard to sleep all too often... and then there are the sleepless nights that come along with these DDs any way.

    I had a headache around 8 pm and couldn't help myself, I snoozed for about 1 hour because I had to rest- didn't think doing that would keep me awake like this! I guess from now on I will just keep myself awake, or at least try to.

    I have paperwork that I need to do during the day, and it is so hard to get anything accomplished after a night like tonight...

    Hope you're in bed by now, I think I'm going to try again myself!
    Comiserably yours,

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Thanks, yes, that does help but not always. I also have a wonderful CD that I listen to that helps me drift off. And, my usual standby if all else fails is to listen to stories on tape - or better, about philosophy LOLOL!

    Usually I find I drift off into sleep within 5 minutes or less. I can always tell because when I rewind or replay the tape/CD, I find I haven't remembered more than a few sentences. but sometimes even this doesn't work... or I drift in and out of sleep.

    I do think it is a type of herx, as my son is taking Levaquin right now for suspected Bartonella and he is having extreme insomnia every time he pulses it. I have also upped my abx and find I'm suddenly getting this type of reaction every night of the day I've taken it. So hopefully anyway this just means good things, ultimately!

    all the best,

  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you have to so much you have been worrrying about...atleast you did what was best for you and went home to try ad rest up...

    things will work...try to get a routine if you can...


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