I know I've asked for so much already, but I lost so much!

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    This year has been pretty hard losing so much. My ex son in law hit my daughter and. tried to break her ankle and gave her head injuries. She is safe but he is stalking her. Then three weeks ago my son died of AIDS. I didn't think anything could hurt so much. Until I was told that the bird I as working with was given to another. I worked so VERY hard, I drove 300 miles a weekend and it was decided that since I planned to move eventually, they found someone else. Nobody told ME! There was a meeting I wasn't even asked to participate in, about ME! And I found out by my mentor shouting at me and saying she didn't have time for me. The ONE THING that put everything together for me, my beloved birds, and it went up in smoke. I can still volunteer, but the fire and trust are gone. I would do anything for these gorgeous birds, and I want to learn. I have a new place to go, but I feel so betrayed. And they found a lump by my thyroid but won't do a biopsy because I might bleed. So I don't know what it it. Hoping to found out in Atlanta. The dress is just about to kill me. We're it not for my wild birds, I guess I might quit. But they need me too. I hope our move is a good one. If anyone is from Atlanta, I'm the bird lady!
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    Heartbreaking for you and your family and then the daughter's problems added to it. I hope you all will find peace and safety with your move.

    As to the bird situation, you will find cold, heartless people in every situation.....I'm sorry you've been hit with this too. Don't let this detract you from your love for the birds. Sometimes we have to have "tunnel vision" and try not to put ourselves out for hurts from others.

    Take care and I do hope your thyroid lump will heal on its own.
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    Yes, you have lost so much, and been hurt so much.

    And no, you have not asked for much.

    You are such a valuable person, I have been amazed and inspired by you, as I am sure many others have been.
    And you don't do anything for that reason, to amaze others,
    you do it just because it is YOU,
    it is your gift, to be the way you are.

    You are unique and don't let anyone else, ANYone!, take away what is so special about you.

    I am sure there are birds and animals waiting to be discovered by you, that need you , and will thrive, from your interest and your care.

    Don't give up till you find them.

    I am so sorry about your dear one who died, and about your family stresses which I know are as bad as mine.
    SOmething good is waiting for you in Atlanta. I honestly think so.

    I know some of these months before that, and the move, will be difficult,
    but try to keep your eye on the prize.

    After all of that, there will still be challenges, but

    You will be in a better place, and someone will need you there.

    Sorry for the extra worry you have about the thyroid. :(
    I too, hope it will heal on its own. I understand about bleeding. It's wise that they don't do it if they don't know how to handle that.

    SO take good care, dear person.

    You ARE the bird lady! :)

    And there are needy birds and animals, lots of them, as you said in a different post that I loved.

    I'm not from Atlanta, but I wish I was. :)

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