I know taht I struggle with the daily trails of this DD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I struggle with the problems that this DD has caused me to have.. I have to rely on narcotic pain meds to get thru my days and to be able to do minor house work. I get these grand thoughts that I am going to clean the WHOLE HOUSE IN ONE DAY. Right NOT. Just think of the pain I would be in.

    I have days were I want it to be just a bad dream and to go a way and i will be just fine but that is not going to happen either.

    I just have to find the new me. The lady that can do some things but can't push it or I will pay for it . How I long for days gone by when I could walk thru the park or around the block, I could take care of my babies and not think aobut if what I am doing is going to make me hurt.

    But my babe's are grown up now and are having babe's of theier own. I want to be the grandma that will take them for walks and to sit on the floor and play with them. But I can't get up off of the floor.
    I need to STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PAST AND LET IT GO. AND JUST WATCH IT LEAVE ME SO THAT I CAN FIND THE REAL ME AND THE NEW ME I can be a fun grandma and play with the grandbabies. I just have to learn that I have to do things in small ways, not over do it, or do to much.

    Thinking about the past gets me nowhere as I cna't go back and change things and find the time and place theat this started so that I could stop it. There is no way to do that.I think about all the things I Oce did adn now I can't do them but I can be a good grandmother who loves her grand babiess and will do all I can for them and to love them for them .

    This life I have is not what I wanted to have . I wanted to be a nurse and to help people and instead I have to learn to let people help me.

    No life is not what I want it to be. But I have some things that are so presious to me tat even this DD can't take them away. I am a loveing grandma to a 17 month old grandson who tinks he can do any ting and does try to do it. And in the first of the new year there will be a new grandbaby a little girl this time.
    I love my grandbabies and they bring me great joy adn happiness , I know that i have to learn to take what life gives me and not worry about it as it does not change me. Only makes me feel sorry for my self.

    Yes I will find the positive thing to do in my life adn i will do them, I will start to paint more and to find some peo ple to sell my tole painting 's too. I will be the grandma who will bake cookies with my grandkid adn let them palay with my pot and pans. I want to be a good graandmother. I will be able to do some things with eachn one fo tem ad let tthem get to konw who I really am and that I can offer .

    Although i mauy not be to find out who i really am ad what I can become. EAch day I can change and work to wards tings that i may be able to do in to in t the future. I must look to ward to. I may have some things that I struggle with now and I may still ave the same problem.
    Thanks for just leting me talk. Sorry for not makeing scense yet I know that I am the onlhy person that can change my life.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on about everything little thing.
    Sorry if I am not makeing scense to any one. I took my pills for thje night & they started to work faster than I thought they work on me.Sorry if I don't mak= this post so you can understanding . thanks for you listening to me talk.

  2. Ranigar

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    You could be speaking for me.I think these same thoughts all the time.I keep going from day to day as if there's a death in the family.There is it's me or the other me before this DD.I told my sister recently that I can't do this and she said but you are!That's giving me something to think about.So now when I get down I remember what she said and I feel a little proud of myself.She's right I am.This is a sister I haven't spoken to in yrs.and only recently reconnected with.I was explaining my illness and why I couldn't meet her for lunch.Actually she was more understanding than my other two sisters.

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