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  1. kinkypinky23

    kinkypinky23 New Member

    Are any of you religious and do you believe in life after death. What has gone on today has freaked me out a bit so i was just looking for your opinions.

  2. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    I believe .................this life can't be all there is.
  3. leokat

    leokat New Member

    I guess I just need to go look see.

    Anyhow- nope I'm not exactly religious. I'd say I was more of an agnostic, (in that if there is something more we do not know what it is nor what form it takes) and a humanist.

    However, for all its drawbacks creation is miraculous and I reckon there must be something more to life that what we 'know'.

  4. coyote

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    What is it that happened today?
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We lost a new member to a pulmonary embolsim and Kink was kind enough to let us know.

    I was with my Mom when she died and just befoe passing, she stretched out her hands as though someone was rushing forward to hug her. The look on her face was a mixture of surprise and ecstacy. She held my hand tightly and I told her it was OK to go on back home. She died peacefully right after that.

    If you haven't read the thread I started to respond to Ace's request for responses on how to find self-love, you may find some comfort there. The messages aren't religious in nature but are very spiritual.

    I know this has been harder for you than anyone here and I pray you find peace from this very sad experience.

    Love, Mikie
  6. SheriAL

    SheriAL New Member

    After reading Linda's response to your question..I have to share what I know with you..
    I had been at the bedside of my mother in law who did believe in God and acknowledged that Jesus was the only son of God, a supernatural conception and that he died on the cross for each human's sins...

    that amyone who believes in God and that his son Jesus died on the cross for their sin, in their heart shall have everlasting life and go to be with the Father and the son..in heaven immediately upon taking their last breath..you can read John 3:16 in the Bible..and most of the new testament...

    A non believer only has to just pray and ask God to reveal himself to you, ask him to make himself known to you and his son too , as you read..Then just listen in the quiet as you read...the new testament...ask God to fill you with knowledge about him, his son jesus and that you want to be saved...

    go to a Bible class at a local church...ask when they are having one? Go to a service, open your heart and mind..just listen...dont try to figure it out intellectually...

    My mother in law was struggling with cancer and drowning in her own fluid,, a horrible death rattle for hours...She was at home in her bed..there were three of us at her bedside as she started to die..in the night...We had a night light on in the adjoining room...
    She turned from the ashen color in the face to the color of a shining pearl, almost translucent in her glow...She then stopped breathing and smiled the most lovely smile you could imagine...Then as her spirit left her body she flew through my husband's body , her son and called his name..Now this is the amazing part...too...I had asked her before she went into a coma , would she think I was nuts to ask her would she let her adult son, know when she left her body...she was not as open of a christian as I am...about such matters...she nodded she would let him know...I never told her son, my husband about what I asked his mother to do when she left her body in death...He heard her call his name in the quiet still bedroom and pass through him...He had never experienced anything like it and to this day , does not talk about it...IT had such an impact on him...he loved his mother and realized what she meant to him after she died and I am sure that this personal moment with her, when she left her body on earth in that moment of her contact with him , changed him in a better way too..She went to heaven...

    I have seen another death as Linda has seen people die too.. A man was in a coma and we went into to just see him and speak to him he was struggling to try to speak to us... as he heard our familiar voices so we know that those in a comas can hear us speak...he seemed to want to talk to us...

    He was to be pulled of life suport in a few minutes and we had no idea at all...
    After the doctor pulled the respirator tube out and left the room, our friend's eyes opened wide and he smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen from this man
    He was seeing something we could not see, the astonishment in his expression and where he was looking was beyond words..

    His heartbeat slowed down to a stop...and he was allowed to die... we were by his bedside and witnessed this event.. The man was seeing heaven and his loved one..He was a christian too...
    He did not attend church every week but he had believed in God, accepted Jesus as God's son and they lived in his heart..
    So I can tell you that it is for real...I am not a fanatic, I have seen with my eyes, and heard with my heart , God's voice and his son's voice and been given experiences to share with those that have never been exposed to God's love and his son's sacrifice...so if they are searching for a real God of yesterday and real today and unconditional love , and to go to heaven for eternity..you can reach him by bowing your head and reading the new testament of the Bible.. At book stores purchase The International Bible, interpertation.. is easier to read than the King James version...
  7. kinkypinky23

    kinkypinky23 New Member

    I also believe there is some kind of supernatural force when we die, i also believe that there is just too much of this NDE stuff for it to be anything but real.

  8. Cara-Sue

    Cara-Sue New Member

    i dont go to church or anything but my friend got me on to sylvia brown books.you can find her books in chapters under new age.i find her's easy to read and interesting.i think about karma ect.
    i also worked in a nursing home as line does.i have been there when residents die.i have felt a rush of energy over my head after a resident dies which is very freaky.
    i used to fear death but i dont anymore.i think maybe it's like falling asleep really.it's alot harder on people that havent dealt with the way the body it when its dying.it's very sad but also good becoue i think they are going to a better "life"with no illness or pain.atleast i hope so.
  9. dd

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    I don't blame you for being freaked out about what happened today. It is hard to understand death sometimes...especially when someone was so young. Most of us associate death with the elderly and when someone dies that is 23 it really takes us by surprise and makes us think of our own mortality.

    I am a Christian and believe in life after death. As hard as death is to accept we must know that she is with the Lord now. I truly believe that the moment that we die our soul is with God. She is in a joyous place now....even though she will be sorely missed here on earth.

    It is truly a shame.


  10. Shirl

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    Religion is one thing, but 'FAITH' in another story.

    Yes, I have faith in the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Christ Jesus.

    He promised us that if we believed, then we would have eternal life, He also said that in His house were many mansions, and He went to prepare a place for us.

    Therefore I believe that the instant our soul leaves this body, we are present with the Lord.

    This life we live now is our human condition, is but a short one, but our Lord promised us that we would be with Him throughout eternity.

    God bless, and know that your friend is in His loving care.

    Shalom Alechem (Peace to You)


  11. Mrs. B

    Mrs. B New Member

    I definately believe in eternal life only through Jesus Christ. He has healed me many times in my life. I have felt some of His power and believe every word of the King James Bible. Can't wait to get to Heaven. :)