I know this is physical, ut how do I convince others?

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    I have been living with severe M.E. since the beginning of this year - I can't walk without crutches, that is when I can walk at all, I am wheelchair bound outside my home and in a lot of pain, have spasms and tremor and IBS along with other symptoms.
    I recently saw a neurologist who although he said I have M.E. was dismissive of me because I have mental health problems - I know myself that my M.E. is real and physical, my mental health is as good as it has ever been right now, but I am concerned that I am not being taken seriously because of my history of depressive illness.
    I don't want to be passed off back to psychiatrists - they did not help me to heal from my illness when it *was* mental, and I am scared they will not help me with this.
    My partner is my carer and he knows the M.E. is really messing me up physically, I was recently hospitalised with bowel problems caused by the M.E. and he is the only one who has seen how I am affected day to day.
    All anyone at the daycentre I go to (which is for people with mental illness) has done is be rude about my wheelchair use and falling asleep so I am rarely going out of my house anymore.
    I just turned 30, I didn't expect to be living this way, I had been considering part time work for the first time since I was a teen as my mental illness had improved so much and then this illness struck me.
    Thanks for reading and letting me say what is on my mind,
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    Hi Katie

    First Iam shocked anyone going to a daycare for mental health would make fun of anyone for any reason. theres something wrong with that picture.

    Im sorry you are having such problems. This is hard enough to deal with then to have people not understand. It does sound like you have a wonderful partner.

    go to head of messages there are lots of great letters to explain this to people.

    try not to worry about people who are not important to you.

    hugs jenny