i know this sounds ridiculous(mountain dew)

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  1. janbolee

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    hello, everyone I know this sounds really odd,but how many of you guys have ever drank mountain dew,before?the reason I'm asking is I drank mt.dew for years and my doctor told me that I needed to quit drinking it,because it was bad for me.and I heard that it contains some toxins,and that it can cause infertility.I know this all sounds wierd,but hey I did drink it for over 10 yrs,and now I'm disabled with fibromyalgia,carpal tunnel,osetoarthritis,problems in my back,severe pain constantly,it which I know how much you are all suffering. it's just a thought... let me know how many drank mt. dew? thanks for listening god bless us all love you all janice
  2. StephieBee

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    I have heard that before. I was told it is just an 'urban legend'

    Guys used to get teased for drinking it because people would say that it lowered their sperm count.

    From my understanding it is false.

    BTW, I hate Mountain Dew...no offense, so I dont drink it.

  3. ulala

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    People get addicted to it because of the caffeine.

    I think caffeine could have something to do with FM. Just my opinion.
  4. kjfms

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    because they are bad for you nothing but sugar and way to much caffeine.

    The thing about infertility is an urban legend here is a pretty good article about it:


    Mountain Dew as Contraceptive

    A shocking bit of misinformation has captured the hearts and minds of high school and college students of late — the notion that the popular American soft drink Mountain Dew can be used as a contraceptive.

    It is widely believed that drinking Mountain Dew will drastically lower the sperm count in males.

    Some fear this will cause impotency, while others apparently view it as a birth control panacea.

    Lest you think I'm joking, the Wall Street Journal reported in 1999 that during the fall of that year this rumor "boomeranged across the country from Oregon to Washington, D.C., and from Texas to Montana."

    Its popularity continues to perplex health care officials, not to mention Mountain Dew's manufacturer, PepsiCo.

    "This is an urban myth," avows Jonathon Harris, a public affairs manager for the company.

    He likens it to tales of people encountering Elvis in a convenience store — i.e., not merely false, but "absurd, unfounded and ridiculous."

    Rumormongers attribute the soft drink's alleged spermicidal properties to its high caffeine content (55 mg. per 12 oz. can, versus 45.6 mg. in Coke and 37.2 mg. in Pepsi) and/or the coloring agent Yellow Dye No. 5, but there's nothing in the scientific literature to support either claim.

    The FDA determined long ago that Yellow Dye No. 5 poses no health threats to non-allergic people, and as for caffeine, there's evidence to suggest it actually increases the motility and effectiveness of sperm cells, not the opposite.

    The rumor goes back to the mid-1990s, at least. Variants over time have included the claim that Mountain Dew causes young males' testicles to shrink or their penises to shrivel.

    Silly, But Not Harmless...

    The Dew rumor's recent growth spurt may be partially explained by a recent surge in the popularity of the drink itself.

    According to figures compiled by Beverage Digest, Mountain Dew is the fastest-growing major soft drink in the U.S.

    As I indicated earlier, the spread of tall tales about the soft drink among teenagers has some health care officials worried.

    The state of Wisconsin warned parents recently that the belief that Mountain Dew has spermicidal properties could result in unwanted pregnancies if it goes unchallenged. Marjorie Saltzman, a longtime Planned Parenthood volunteer in Portland, Oregon, has lobbied PepsiCo to address the misinformation through advertising or special warning labels, so far without success, she says.

    The company claims it has never received a consumer inquiry or complaint in connection with the rumor.

    To its credit, PepsiCo has responded forthrightly to questions from the press, but its PR mavens would do well to resist the temptation to adopt a dismissive attitude toward the situation.

    Granted, it's a "schoolyard tale" with no foundation in fact, comparable to Elvis sightings and the like, but bumping into a dead rock star at the 7-11 has never, to my knowledge, resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.

    Just because a rumor is silly doesn't mean it's harmless.

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  5. carebelle

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    It has a really high caffeine count and that's bad for CFS/FM
  6. Kayleen

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    Mountain Dew didn't stop by son from having kids. He's 22 and has 3. Age 6 to 7 months.....

    My Rheumy will not allow any pop at all. Both regular and diet pop have salicitates in it which is bad. The sweeteners in diet pop is really bad.

    I still crave it.

  7. Manaleon

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    My guess is mountain dew has "yellow 6" in it which is a food coloring that is known for lowering sperm count. The worse of the food dyes is "red 40" because it's carcinogenic. Lol thought I would put in my food science two cents.
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  8. Busyknitter2

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    Mt. dew did not keep my son from having children. He has always been a heavy mt. dew drinker. He has a 3 year old and another baby on the way.
  9. sfrazier

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    After 3 kids and many females problems never once was i told that it was cause I was drinking Mt. Dew. I still do drink it but now it's diet caffene free mt. dew.
  10. JLH

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    I drink Caffeine Free, Diet Mountain Dew! But only 1 every now and then! When I have one, it's really a treat for me, so I make sure I put it in the coldest part of my refrigerator!! I want it ice cold!! LOL

    The story about it having a lot of toxins, etc., is probably just a bunch of bull!! LOL

    I love it but have to have diet soda because I am a diabetic. I also have to have caffeine free products because I am on a ton of heart medications and can't have any caffeine whatsoever. So, people at work used to joke with me and ask why in the world did I drink it if I wasn't drinking it for its caffeine!!!

    I just like the taste; however, the diet version is sweetened by aspertame, and aspertame will trigger a severe migraine headache in me if I drink more than 1 can in a period of a few days. I really should not ever have any aspertame at all, but I do splurge with a Dew every so often!!! LOL

    This really makes me sound wierd, doesn't it!!!!! LOL

  11. phoebe1

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    I do not think this can "cause" FM, mountain dew isn't even available in my country, never has been and I'm sure there are lots of other countries where people suffer from FMS and CFS where this drink isn't sold.
    I'm sure though that it can aggravate some of the symptoms due to the high caffeine content.

  12. StephieBee

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    I did find out that "yellow 6" could lead to infertility. But you would need to drink such absurd amounts of Mt Dew for this to happen that it is virtually impossible.

    Did you also know that since McDonald's ijects their cows with estrogen to fatten them up, a man could technically take on women's traits. He would have to eat an amount that there is no way on earth could ever be done though.

    Food for thought! LOL!!!
  13. zenouchy

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    Or we could have changed the illness to the Mt. Dew Disease. ;-) I'm sure that Mt. Dew is not good for you, but that in and of itself does not CAUSE the illnesses we suffer from. I have FMS and bipolar II and never drank Mountain Dew. I also have Carpal Tunnel. Carpal Tunnel is most often caused by repetitive motions in the wrist and hand. Be proud of yourself for going of the Dew and for doing the best you can now to take good care of you. All the best, Erika
  14. libra55

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    Who's old enough to remember those old ads? Seriously I don't drink the stuff but both my daughters (teenagers) love it.

    I don't know about it causing FM/CFS....it sure didn't cause mine....but I'm sure it's not the most healthy product for anybody.

  15. Lendy5

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    I use to always have a Mountain Dew where ever I went. I drank it for several years until realizing it was a huge contributing factor to my migraines.

    I had to stop all caffeinated products and switched to Sprite.

    Mountain Dew has more caffeine in it than alot of other beverages.

    Also beverages that say "caffeine free" are not, If the product does not contain over 5 percent caffeine the makers are not required to list it.

    However there are some beverages that are truly caffeine free like sprite, 7up, Ginger Ale and there are a few others but not many.