I know this was asked before...best palce to live

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    When we have Fibro.
    The cold is killing me and I can't get out of the house which puts me in a bad depression, and the humdity in the summer as well just kills me...I honestly cannot breath in the humidity.....so.....how is living in the ideal city??
    and can I come and live with you?? lol
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    I think someone posted before that places in the high desert seem to help with FMS. I know what you mean! I have problems with the cold, changes in barometric pressure, and humidity also. If I didn't have all my family in the area I live in, I would move to the high desert in a minute!

    Take care, Sally
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    i live in northern mn...not good..long hard winter....hot humid summer...mydoc recommended the desert if we ever move...we hope to after dh retires...in about 9 years...ugh...my daughter uses a wheelchair with severe cerebral palsy...i'd like to get her out of here too
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    And lived in AZ (Phoenix), now in CA (southern) after spending my first 25 years in the Chicago suburbs. I had worsening allergies, to the point I was getting "exercise-induced asthma", as well as really bad what-I-now-know was SAD episodes seemingly 6 mo. out of the year. So when a chance to move to Phoenix for work came up, I jumped at it, even though I was also terrified. By far the hardest, but also the best, thing I ever did for myself. I am so glad I took a risk for once...it really was a turning point in my life. But that is just me, and I was in a very different point in my life then.

    I really did love a lot about AZ, although in the 10 years since I was there, it's gotten increasingly sprawl-y, pollution has much worsened, and it's to the point the building has actually changed the local climate of the desert, making it a bit more humid and creating a heat dome that pushes away a lot of the summer rains. Scary, but true, to a small extent. BTW, I met my husband, a So. Cal. native, about 9 mo. after I had moved to AZ. I only stayed in AZ a little over a year before moving to So. Cal. to be with him.

    That being said, I still do miss so much about AZ, as I find the Sonoran Desert is such a healing place for me. Tucson is much smaller/"old school", although that also is undergoing a lot of building/rising costs. Blame it on all of us Californians trying to flee the state and jacking up prices! :)

    I've also heard parts of Utah are beautiful, and prices there still aren't so bad, I think. For me, the wide open expanses of nature and temperate/warmer/drier climates do seem to work much better on my general energy/mood/comfort (although I have CFS, not FM). But that is me.

    So. Cal. is in and of itself a stressor for me, with all the congestion, noise, pollution, sprawl, and people who I feel would walk right on by if I lay collapsed on a street, dying. Seriously...I am so jaded after 9 years here, and I'm sorry as I know there are a lot of good So. Cal. people on this board. I just happen not to have met you! :) The cost of living is horrendous, and I honestly would not advise anyone to move here with the current state of things, between the real estate costs and the state economic issues. Unless you want to buy our old house, that is (we had to move for a job relo), although I am getting to where I don't want to sell it again. I do just love the temperate climate, though, and the geography (when you can see it through the fog/smog) is breathtaking, with the mountains and the ocean. Fortunately, I've lived only on the relative outskirts, so it hasn't been too crazy, but still too much for me. I'm stuck here for the time being, though, and again, can't beat the climate, so I am doing what I can to hang in there.

    I'd love to have a friend come at least visit me here, although as I said, I really don't think you'd want to stay long. Northern Cal. is a bit friendlier to a Midwesterner (I grew up outside Chicago), and the climate is still great compared to the snow and the cold. At least you can drive to the mountains/snow, if or when you want to, and then come back home that evening to more temperate weather. Very cool!

    Good luck in your choices, and I hope you get more responses from other places, as well!

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