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    light-hearted, fun song games here.

    But I just had to post an RIP to DAVID BOWIE. He passed away yesterday evening.

    He was a singer (among other talents), whose music I grew up with. No, I didn't like all of his songs. Just MOST of his songs. :)

    As Kevin said to me this morning: Can you remember growing up without hearing a BOWIE song playing on the radio?? No, I can't. He was always there, through the decades. Condolences to the family. RIP Mr. Bowie. You will be missed.





    No more songs for today folks! I think my 'puter is crashing 'cause folks are all logging onto YouTube to listen to Bowie music.

    Be back later.....................

    Hugs, and post your videos/songs on this thread!

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    Hi Diane

    I'm too old to be a Bowie fan. The only thing I know about him is that
    his poster to encourage reading hung in the Glendale library for about
    a year. The library was a mansion a century ago. I thought the contrast
    of Bowie's bare feet and the elegant surroundings was kinda edgy.

    Aren't we lucky to live in the modern world where we have recordings.


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    I've been sleeping outside the ticketboot in february one year to get tickets for his concert. Went to three concerts that year I think from which one I stood front row against the stage. Was a very insecure girl at that time and liked him for being so uniquely him and not following trends. He seemed to know who he wanted to be and be it, all that was lacking in me at that time.
    Wasn't a typical screaming 'fangirl' but just liked his music and hiked along on a friends passion for him. Just needed something to hold onto in that time. Did dive into it in that my entire room was covered in albums and posters and I collected all his stuf and wore a DB jacket and schoolbag.
    At one point in the concert he said my name is David Bowie whats yours and my friend elbowed me that he was looking at me. I didn't believe her that it could actually be aimed at me so didn't reply :p I think it was the tour after glass spider. Sound and vision, I was 19 back then.
    I like his early works best. Letter to Hermione, When I'm five. Haven't really kept up with it much after the tour. Found a more steady ground shortly after and let it slide a bit. Have seen a few of his later songs pass by and his uniqueness in doing things hasn't wavered.
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