I look so fat I cried

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  1. momof27

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    My daughter enjoys videoing the family, I thought I had lost some weight after stopping the lyrica, I saw the video tonight and cried I am embarressed to let anyone see me. I don't need cheer I need some tips on how to loose weight when I can bearly move.
  2. poets

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    I certainly understand about the weight. I won't let anyone take my picture. A year ago I had my picture taken and I looked absolutely huge. It takes a little while after stopping the Lyrica to lose the weight. I know. I'm trying to lose after Lyrica myself. I can hardly move either, at least not without a lot of pain and spasms. If anyone can give us some tips I'm ready to listen.

  3. stick2013

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    Losing weight is basically just using common sense and accepting that this is a life change, and not a diet. Diets don't work, they just restrict and cause you to get frustrated and then you eat more.

    Eating healthy, low fat, low sugar is a must. Lots of veggies, fruits, beans, legumes, some lean meat, brown rice, whole wheat breads are a good start. Try to stay away from white bread, white pasta, flour, and too much sugar.

    Walking is a great exercise, swimming is great too. Whatever you do, start slow and increase over time. It will also help with pain that you both are having. I have Fibro and exercise does help....

    Good luck to both of you...
  4. Cromwell

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    that you probably don't look as fat in real life as on the movie-it is well known that film adds pounds (and height too-did you know Johnny Depp is only 5.7 for eg?)

    I do not know how old you are, but no matter how much I cut back on the already very healthy diet I am on, my weight stays the same. I have the sort of metabolism that adjusts itself! I do have Hashimotos, which can also do this and I wonder have you been seen for thyroid check? It can often go cap in hand with our DD.

    I would try and walk some every day and build it up slowly. Also serve your meals on a smaller plate and Swhebbels make bread in all varieties that has only 35 cals per slice which means you can have a four slice plate of sandwiches with a salad type filling for less than 200 cals. Also toast.

    I find the Quaker rice cakes good as they satisfy the craving to want to chew, also the mini carrots and some real light or fat free dip.

    Be kind to yourself-you know I am 61 and still have my natural blonde hair but I got wrinkles instead! I always say I would trade the grey hair for the wrinkles any day!!!(LOL) you get to a stage where it is not so bothersome. But it is always something-plus we are bombarded with perfection via the media these days-even politicians get tummy tucks and neck lifts etc.

    Good luck.

    Love Annie
  5. TeaBisqit

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    I gained a whopping 130 pounds since getting sick seventeen years ago. When I look at myself on my building's security monitors, I just totally die. I look that bad. I haven't been able to exercise in all these years. I'd like to know how we're supposed to get it off when we can't burn it off with exercise.
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    Hi Momof27,

    So sorry you are feeling so blue. I can imagine how frustraing it must be when you gain a bunch of weight. I know I have always been so skinny and the last few years I have put enough weight on where my pants don't fit. I have always been skinny on the top part of me with hips, and butt. Now I have it in the tummy too. It is so frustrating and I have to keep trying to buy new clothes

    I also know I should do allot more exercising that I should be doing and when I go it is because DH pushes me to do so. I have so little energy as well as all kinds of aches and pains from the FM and arthritis. That is SOOOO frustrating to have to keep trying to buy new clothes. For me it is probably lack of exercising, hypothyroid and sitting here at the computer too (-: . Not half as active as I used to be for sure.

    We all do what we CAN do. Maybe just a little exercising a bit at a time, trying to do a bit more gradually, like I think Annie mentioned. I know it hurts to exercise and that you probably have no energy either. However, maybe you can just push yourself a bit and try to do it longer as time goes by. You are not competeing against anyone, so you just do what you CAN DO.

    Believe me if DH wouldn't push me I probably would hardly go. I do the treadmill and a few other little wieght things. I did it mostly for my osteoporosis, but for some strength and flexibility too for my FM.

    As they say, Rome was not built in a day, just slow and steady, and little by little.

    BTW, you can cry on my shoulder anytine sweetie.

    Blessings and soft hugs,

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  7. SusanEU

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    I went to the second hand story store today, to pick up a few summer things.

    Went to the change room with some things that looked nice and big and comfy. I was so sad, first of all to see myself in the dressing room mirror naked, and second, I could not do up one single thing that I picked out.....

    No advice, just empathy.

    Sue in Ontario
  8. justlooking

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    The key to losing or maintaining weight is calories. Your intake of calories determines whether you gain, lose or maintain weight, along with your activity level which determines how many calories are used.
    Left over calories add up to weight gain. It takes 3500 calories to lose a pound or gain a pound. So if you eat 1500 calories a day and use 2000 calories for energy each day, then in 7 days you would lose 1 pound, the opposite is true too. If you eat 2000 calories a day and only use 1500 calories then in 7 days you would gain a pound.

    The best way to track your calories is to keep a food diary counting every calorie you take into your body. You can buy a calorie counting book or probably can access calorie counts on the internet.

    Additionally, There are some weight control sites which calculate how many calories you use each day for energy. It is calculated by weight, height and activity level.

    Once you start counting calories, it gets very easy to calculate it each day. By doing so you can plan the next days calorie intake. Like if you over-eat one day then the next day you can lower your calorie intake for that day.

    Just google losing weight by counting calories and I'm sure there is tons of stuff on it.
    Best of luck
  9. kellygirl

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    I am sensitive to weight gain. I can feel it and I am feeling it again in my thighs.

    The last time I lost weight, which I am using this tip again, is to buy the sugar-free jello and the fat-free cool whip (generic to save money) for when you get the snack cravings. Also, the fat-free, sugar-free puddings.

    Look for the high-fiber, low-sugar, low-fat foods. That is how weight watchers does it. The higher the fiber, low fat and sugar, the lower the point.

    I like the caramel rice cakes.

    If I snack on Doritos or something like that, I will just fill a little cup and try not to go for more.

    I use to keep the personalized packs of snacks, but they cost more.

    Giant also has the no fat cheese slices. I like the Cooper Sharp cheese, but when I have to watch it, these are fine.

    I love the Breyers chocolate ice cream, but when I am watching it, I opt for lite and in the small cup.

    These are some tips, and it seems it does fall back on calories again.

    Also, online there is free sites to help count calories, forums, journals.

    I wish you well with this, I know it is hard. Keep writing.
  10. SusanEU

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    One pair of shorts I got were so comfortable, and I was thinking what a great idea to make shorts with a stretchy top and regular material for the rest. Then, I realized....OMG....they are maternity shorts!!

    HA..I'm still going to wear them. Heck, they look pretty nice with a long top.

    Just wanted to add a little giggle to the thread.

    Sue in Ontario

  11. Cromwell

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    You know I maintain 1,500 cal a day normal eating (mostlt because I do not have a large appetite and don't really care for sweets or fats) most of the time and I still gain weight although I am active and almost 5.9. When I recently cut back to 1,000 a day for a month, and all good foods, I still did not lose weight. My doc says I have an very efficient metabolism that compensates-he said just eat what you want and I bet your weight will still be the same, and bibgo he was right.

    Also the meds can make huge weight gain problems no matter what you eat and I think this is what happened to you, right?

    I often shop in maternity section as these days the clothes are not terribly baggy (let's face it the gals today wear skin tight "smocks" and they can be comfy round the waist.

    Love Annie
  12. frosty77

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    I've gained 70 lbs from meds in 10 years. I've tried everything - cutting portions, increasing exercise, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach... The last was Weight Watchers for 3 months - nothing. I talked to my Dr last week - she basically said my metabolism has slowed due to the reduced amount of calories I've been eating - and there's nothing I can do. Nice!!!!
  13. doloresf1

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    This is a major issue for the whole population. However, for those with a chronic illness as ours it can be life threatening.

    I have tried and tried to lose weight. I cannot do it. If ever the FDA approves a weight loss drug that is safe to take, I will be first in line to get it.

    My daughters are over weight also. So is one of my grandchildren. I worry constantly about type II Diabetes, and heart disease for my loved ones. Both illnesses are in my family history. To me, this issue is of huge importance.

    I'd be interested to know how many of us suffer form major depression. Being overweight wrecks havoc on our self image.

    Momof27, I so know how you feel.

  14. Pottersclay

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    What is Lyrica?
  15. Pottersclay

    Pottersclay New Member

    I think I have heard some one mention before that drug. I am glad I don't use it. I have a hard enough time now keeping my weight down.
  16. greatgran

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    No advice just can relate to how you feel. I have gained over 70 lbs and hate myself but feel so bad at times I just don't care.

    I really think this darn disease , meds, has a lot to do with the weight gain then of course not being as active .

    I do agree with who ever said count calories I think that is the way to go. When I did I found it it wasn't as much the amount I was eating as to what.

    It seems where ever I go I am the fatest woman there. makes me sick but do I do anyting about it, no, every night when I go to bed I say this is it I am losing weight but I don't.

    I just hit the scales at 225 lb.

    Sorry didn't mean to vent,
  17. I can't really give advise BUT I know how you feel, I feel and look so fat. This dd packs it on, and I am also on lyrica and it makes you want to eat alot. Also I hurt soo bad when I exercise with this dd.good luck, let us know if you find something.
  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Last night and I am already doing and have been for years all the stuff he says will make you lose weight....even moreso.

    There is this belief that people who are fat sit about eating cheesburgers and bacon bagels all day. This is how Dr Oz porrayed it. Plus he went through the cupbaords and threw away all the food, as it was all unhealthy. He would find nothing in my house to throw away. There is this blame factor isn't there, and I just KNOW that Dr Oz is one of those naturally thin people, even th9uugh I like him, he gets into the star thing now like they all do. Plus the books are cheap paper and cost $25!

    My son is also heavy an dhe never eats any junk food except if it is a school treat day. Isee kids in his class who are like beanpoles who eat chips and soda for breakfast and never eat anything healthy, hardly exercise and are thin. He has some disease we cannot fathom out via dozens of specialists, went from tall thin to stopped growing and gained 40 lbs.

    No justice!!!

    Love Annie
  19. victoria

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    My weight has crept way up too... the only way I can take any off is very low carb as otherwise I don't think I burn more than 800 calories a day - (I'm 5'1") - but a few days of anything else and it comes back. AND it is not due to any meds, but just my metabolism and lack of activity and likely _____ ?

    The thing is, in my local support group, most of us have gotten heavy over the years because of the lack of exercise/change in metabolism (plus it doesn't help that we're all getting older), a couple have stayed 'normal' relatively speaking, BUT 2 have a hard time keeping the weight on.

    One of the latter 2 had a test done that showed her body was burning up her calories etc faster than her body could keep up, thus was having a hard time from basically literally wasting away.

    all the best,