I LOOKED sick Used a walker and got better treatment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rene, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Rene

    Rene New Member

    I was issued a walker for my major abdomial surgery as I could barely straighten up.

    I use shopping carts as a walker even if I only need a loaf of bread I get a shopping cart.

    I had to go to the court house on my moms behalf and I knew I couldn't stand so I thought I'll just take the walker. Wow the police said go to the shortest line and tell them your name and go sit down and they will call you!!!!

    I was super tired as I always am so I needed my tires rotated and I thought I want to go home and lay down so maybe if I use this walker they will help me faster.

    They did!! I just asked how long will it take and told them I have an illness and I can't be up for too long and they helped!! I was tired and the walker was useful.

    Now I need my oil changed as I only do one thing at a time so I'll bring my walker and hope it helps again.

    It was nice to be treated as a disabeled person and my walker does help and its very very light.
  2. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    When we went to Disney World, I only lasted one day with ALL the walking and standing we did. I was a mess the next day. Our hotel had wheelchairs and my husband said "you are using one."

    While we did go to the head of the line for the rides, my IQ plummeted. Folks would look at my husband or son to ask a question that actually was being directed at me. My eyes, ears and mouth worked fine, but many people felt I would not be able to answer!

  3. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Yea its hard for people to know. Thats great you went to disneyland! I could last maybe an hour in a wheelchair. That is a good idea though if your in a wheel chair you can go on the rides. I never thought of that.
  4. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Believe me that was not what I was thinking when I FINALLY agreed..... pride, you know, trips us up all the time.

    My husband is VERY laid back...just goes with the flow....or most of the time, in our case, lack of flow.

    I would have been happy being in the pool all day. But we were with a group and he wanted to go, I did too, but not that way.

    My best friend is in a wheelchair, she is SO smart, I respect her SO much and we have more laughs together. Actually, I was surprised at ME for now wanting to get in.

    The fast-tract through the lines was the farthest think from my mind, but made me feel a little bit better because I felt I was holding the group up. This "made up" for it a little.

    BUT, that IQ thing, gggeeeezzzzzz.

    Fondly, June
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  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I have been pricing Hoverounds and Scooters should the day come when I need one. I really believe that one day I will need one and have accepted it. I do not think the FM or CFS will get me down, but the illnesses I have on top of that.
    With the horrid illness of FM/CFS, how can one handle the others easily?

    So, I am watching the prices.

  6. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Sorry I probably have your name spelled wrong but I do think you are my friend in disguise.

    She barrelled down the center of the street in the City of Providence one night, tearing rubber.

    The rest of us were speechless!

    Fondly, June
  7. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Yea I don't use scooters in the store cause I have low blood volume and walking keeps the blood moving though I can't walk more then one block without a shopping cart.

    I just liked getting faster service as I can't be up long as I am couch bound 23 hours a day 90% of the time.

    I'll try getting my oil changed at brake masters and bring my walker and see if it helps and tell them I can't be up to long WHICH IS TRUE but people may think I'm lazy!

    June I wasn't thinking you were scamming using a wheel chair at all in anyway! My mind wasn't there!

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