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    Hello! Just wanted to update my personal experiences with coral calcium. I have been taking Nature's Benefit Coral Calcium Powder every night since January and I lost about a pound a week. Now my weight has stabilized at 138 pounds and I am not losing any more weight. I was hoping to lose an additional ten pounds to get back to my pre-CFS weight again but it looks like I'll actually have to exercise or give up my favorite foods if I want to lose any more weight! LOL!

    I did run low on Coral Calcium for a few days so I was taking only a half scoop or a third of a scoop for five days and I noticed I gained two pounds. Then I took a scoop a day for the past two days and I'm back down to 138 again. I guess I can't stop taking the coral calcium now! Anyone else losing weight on the coral calcium?

    Speaking of important supplements. I forgot to take my Amni Mag-Malate tablets (Magnesium and malic acid) for two days and I was so constipated and started having scary chest pains. Some supplements I just can't stop taking!

    Have A Good Day!

    Love, Jasmine

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    That is wonderful news about your weight loss. I am going to have my husband try the Coral Calcium (I don't need to lose any weight, I need to gain some).

    I can't stop the magnesium either, will get constipated in a couple of days. So I guess I am on this for life too!

    Take care lady, and that is very good news you are sharing.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    helped with weight loss. I'll have to look into it. dolsgirl
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    Glad that you are still getting good results.
    You know that even with supplement's you need to keep them going on your regular scheldue, just as I have to with my Meds. So glad that the CC is still working for you, I hope your sucess can be an inspiration to others who are thinking of trying Coral Calcium.

    Gald your back Home safely, hope you had a Nice trip.
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    Coral Calcium is a wonderful supplement to try and I'll bet your husband would enjoy it. Now you should try it too!

    Yes, I had a great time in California but so difficult to come back home.

    Love, Jasmine