I lost another so called FRIEND..shes was CRAZY

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  1. saphire27

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    Hello, i have been helping this woman shes around 36.
    Anyway, she always put her little boy off on me, he's friends with mine. I didn't mind that at all, as i got to know her turns out she abueses drugs, buys pills sells pill, cuts them up and snorts them, she's uses crack to, i don't know what any of that stuff lokks like.

    She asked me before if i wants to do pills with her, i said no, that i didn't do that, & couldn't do it. She didn't mind though, but as time went on, i tried to ingore her, becuase i gave her money FOR GAS and cigs once, then she kept asking for stuff. I kneww the kind of person she was. I tried to help her, i 'd talked to her, and i thought she was coming around to be a better mom.

    Well her Boy friend didn't like it, so now he's got her against me, and their spreading their own lies about me & my husband as one would in high school, immature crap!

    She does several illegal things with food stamps, she's gets high and passes out on her kids, she cusses her kids, sometimes has hit them, and let her druggy friend call the little boy fag. He missed so many days of scholl last year, that i spoke to the principla, but he didn't do anything. The little buy loves it at my house, there dad lives closer to them now, and he is watching to, but he hasn't done anything.

    I'm wondering since she is saying lies about me, if i should contact my local dept of social services, and the local DEA, because she says they know all the cops in this small town. I want to stay anounymous, i'm also worried they'll steal from us, they are crazy crack heads.

    i needs advice, husband said let it blow over soon she'll quit talking about me, maybe, maybe they won't come around here, i'm scared, not of her, i'd kick her butt i know it, but with any crack heads friends could be dangerous. She lives 15 minutes away, that bites! I haved helped her , but know she acts like i'm the bad one, beacuase i won't help anymore, and her Boyfriend wants to control her.

    please help

    Angel SAph
  2. OpheliaP

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    are you even messing with her? It's nice that you tried to help her, but you can't make pigs fly. It will only wear you out and irritate the pig. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you have to protect yourself and your family.

    You can't maintain a relationship based on fear of what might happen if you don't. Life is too short and too precious.

    And you're right, it does sound like high school stuff. Do you really need that in your life?

  3. Juloo

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    But given her description, they probably don't think very highly of her. Her trash talking will be completely transparent to those who know her -- she's just trying to beat you to the punch, but you aren't like she is.

    Cut her loose from your life. She is NOT your friend. You cannot help someone who has no intention of helping herself in a positive way.

    With someone who needs so much drama in her life, hopefully she will soon have a new one to focus on, and she'll be leeching off of someone else.

    YOU and YOUR FAMILY are the people who deserve your best.
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  4. boltchik

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    Of course you don't need friends like that, you are right, it is very dangerous. But you can help her kids anonymously by calling child protective services. They will go out and do a report whether you want to give them your name or not. Just tell them what you have witnessed and they will get someone out there. It sounds like they need help desperately. Hope everything works out for those poor kids. Keep us updated. Kim :)
  5. saphire27

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    I think i'll let it blow over for awhile, then school starts sept 4, her kids never had good attedance due to her not waking up in the morning !!

    I'll let it go,,, then sometime after school starts i'll maKE THOSE CALLS, THE KIDS NEED to be at the house or even skipping when they come. this woman deserves nothing, they can go to the fatherm he's better. i just want to plan it right so she got busted. can they force her to take a drug test??????????????????? it would be great!!!!

    lotz of hugs, Angel
  6. joyfully

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    Does the children's Father know what is really going on? I know you indicated that he is living closer , but you also indicate that he hasn't done anything.

    You are on a slippery slope with this drug taking X-friend. It is easy to tell you to report them, but these people don't sound very stable. I just don't want them turning around and doing retribution to your family.
  7. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    You are so right!

    I am concerned about that! Her ex- the kids dad is the one telling me she's saying rumors about me, but i don't know him well enough to believe everything, he seems nice, but i'm not letting anyone fool me, well to try not to.

    She could try to be vendictive, ans hurt my family, and i don't want that, so i guess i should just ignore things i hear, or correct people if they say she talks about me or my family. I swear, you try to help someone out, that clearly needs help, then you get burned in thr end.

    I guess maybe i should sit back and hopefully let her hit bottom again, then maybe she'll realize that i won't be there, on the other hand she could try to ruin my family now, and i might not even know it yet.

    She is like that, this is hard, i'm a worrier but trying so hard not to think about them much. It makes my gutt hurt, & my muscles. I have a way better home situation than she does, so if she calls SS, then they'll know that. She is jealous over the things i have where i live, i think she's the one that took my cell phone. I need to call about that.

    I tell you that woman had 2 completely different sides to her.


    Also about the food stamps, she gets them, then she sells them to get drug money & cigs.

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  8. mollystwin

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    People like this freak me out too. It's always the weird unpredictable people who scare me the most. You never know what to expect when people are on drugs. They are not themselves and will do anything. They are beyond reason.

    I don't have any advice, but wanted to empathize with you.

  9. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Yes, it is terribly hard to know what to do.

    There is a saying, "no good deed goes unpunished". Sometimes, that saying really sums up what goes terribly wrong when you try to help someone.
  10. blkkat

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    you need to focus on you and your health. what you tried to do for her was very kind , wish there were more kind souls like you in this world. but all you can do now is pray for her keep watch from afar on the boy ,yes wait but call anonymously about the boys welfare. don't answer her calls and don't let her words hurt you , because in the end you know you tried and isn't that what were here to do. but now you let it go with peace in your heart , OK. your friend, =====

    ps. = oh by the way ,you may have lost one so called friend, but i know you've just gained a lot more here !!!!!

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  11. saphire27

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    Yall are so sweet, you all habe good things to say!

    Believe me i will let it subside, but it's going to be hard knowing whats going on in her house now, that i'm speaking terms with her.

    I just hope she gets hers, & thekids can go to the dad.

    lots of love,

    Is anyone from VA? I'm near VA tech. It would be nice to meet normal decent freinds. but for now, i don't trust many people around here.
  12. celtictides

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    We all know there are many of them these days. Here is the thing crazy people do not think of the consqences. Should you report tham to your local Social services, they may figure out or suspect that it was you and take rebutrition out on you. Its best to do nothing unless or fear at present you are threathen and if that is the case you can get a restrenging order aginst them for you and your family's protection. But remember its only a piece of paper so how much protection that really offers is questionnable. Sorry I am not the worlds best speller since I have trouble with fibromyalgia, if there are any errors please over look it.