I lost FIRST BID FOR ssi

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  1. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    I lost my first request for SSDI - I have appointments with two attorneys Monday that advertised as SSI attorneys. Other than their expertise, what new things do I need to tell them?

    For those of you who already have an attorney - does he/she really work with you or is it more of a 'fill out this form, we will handle it' type of situation?

    Thanks, Lillie
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  2. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    I also lost my first bid for SSI (it took me 3 years with an attorney working for me). For me it was mostly paperwork and alot of forms but I did have to go into a small court session room...In that room was a judge..my attorney..my mom (as a witness to my FM) and a.....Sorry forgot what he was called....but a guy who could rebuttle about what type of work I could possible do while still having this DD!! After that session..it was all tape recorded...I was still denied. That is when I called my lawyer and told her (crying) I didn't want to pursue this any further!! I was so angry! Not at my attorney but at the whole damn system! She calmed me down and told me to hold out for another couple of months...and about 5 weeks later I got a letter that I had won my case!
    So if you keep getting denied (i did..3 times)DO NOT GIVE UP OR INTO THE SYSTEM! It's a long road..could be shorter in your case maybe but don't let them over power you.
    If you stick with it...you'll eventually win! Trust me.
    I know it is hard and frustrating....but you need the SSDI and you are entitled to it. Fight! Just like you have been Fighting this DD!
    Lots of Love to U.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    the facts are that MOST people are denied on the 1st try. One big reason for this is that a large number of people just give up and don't pursue it further. Since this approach works , they use it in excess.

    It seems that each day , more lawyers dive into the SSDI "market". I believe this is the reason. Just be sure you get a good one.

    Blessings ,

  4. landra

    landra New Member

    My lawyer's staff did my application on-line. They know the phrases to use. Then they did my Daily Activities questionnaire.

    LOTS of people goof on the Daily Activities questionnaire. I used to help mental health clients with that form. they would say they can do their grocery shopping. laundry, cooking, etc. What they did NOT say was - grocery shopping may be ALL they can do that day and need to rest while putting things away, or need help carrying them in, or use a cart to haul them, etc. So I explained, then they used my words, but made sure all the limitations were written in.

    I have not received a denial yet - and sort of thought I would by now, since I filed in Sept.

    The lawyer collects all the records from doctor's and provides them to SocSec. They keep track of that stuff - but I do the reqesting - it costs less to me.

    After the denial the lawyer files the appeal.

    lawyer's fees are set by law - they get a % of your back up, UP TO a $ limit. And lawyers got better results for my clients than not using one - and having to get them at the last minute.

    For my peace of mind, I used one from the beginning. [Plus I was really sick at first!!] But you will see in the Soc.Security information posting in the shaded place at the top of the page, Marti filed her own and won. Check and see what all she included.

    It is a long process, but as so many say - hang in there!
  5. daytrippersoul

    daytrippersoul New Member

    UG! This made me so angry and envious at this person who applied for SSDI and got a reply that he had won and it only took a matter of 3 months!!!! No lawyers..no denials..no court rooms...nothing! I mean I have seen this happen with another person as well. The firt person I referred to applied with the conditon and diagnosis of "depression". Yeap. And this person has a history of drug and alcohol abuse!! I see this happen WAY too often! My cousin who at the time was a heroin addict (nothing against addicts..but they USE the system and take away from the people like us who REALLT need it)got his SSI in 6 months..no lawyer either! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT?!?! It makes me sick to think of ALL the people who have a serious condition/disease and they are put through the ringer and have to wait months...and years to get what the NEED! While some (not all) others get SSI or SSDI and drink or drug their checks away!! It really irks me to no end.
    We suffer and become so stressed while awaiting years and recieving denials and these other people apply.....stretch the truth and get their money in a matter of months!
    Nothing is fair in this world.

    Just thought I'd share that.

    Later my dear friends. Good Luck..Sincerely with your SSI/SSDI cases. I truly hope you get what you NEED and DESERVE and soon!

  6. ziasss

    ziasss New Member

    I applied the first time on my own, online. Got my first denial letter, then got an attorney. He had me fill out some other papers, and filed the appeal. I have COPD.

    In the time between the appeal and the hearing, I was dv with fibro. It was only about a week before the hearing. I called my attorney and told him that I have fibro now. He didn't bother to get those DR. records.

    At the hearing, i was way worse than the original papers indicated. In the judges denial, he made it sound like I was lying because there was nothing indicating that,

    My attorny told me that he filed an appeal but that was denied too, that if I wanted to go higher that I would need another attorney, or i could refile on my own.

    So I did that. And was approved. They approved it back to the day after the judges denial! Just proved to me that they thought the judge was wrong. This way I didn't get any back pay though, and it would have been 2 years worth!

    The moral of the story is, just make sure he has ALL of your information. You can get it and take it to him if he's not willing to.

  7. deltaelise

    deltaelise New Member

    Definately get an advocate or lawyer.
    Keep going to your Dr.
    Keep all your records.
    Will your Dr. sign anything saying you are unable to work ?
    The whole process of getting ssdi or ssi takes a long time.
    I know you will get discouraged during this period and even more upset seeing people who are on drugs or alcohol who seem to get theirs so easily.
    There is such a back log getting bigger and bigger everyday in each state for people applying for ssdi and ssi so it will take a long time for most people and then some get it right away. It's hard to understand the system.
    If you have alot of medical records, your lawyer can request an 'On The Record' decision where you won't have to go to court but your records speak for themselves.
    Alot of times these days the judge will ask if you will amend your onset date of disability to an earlier date and most people will just so they can go ahead and get it.
    Don't give up :)

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