I love it- Synchronicity!

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    DH does his best to deal with my ill health and low energy, but he hits his max occasionally and has to blow off steam. It is understandably frustrating for him, as we lose so much time due to my limitations.

    Last night, DH complained that I'd stayed in bed until almost noon both Sat. and Sun. I agreed that it sucked, but that I couldn't have gotten out of bed if I'd tried. Tramadol, Zoloft, Neurontin- no help. Finally, around 10:30 both days, I'd asked him to "bring out the big guns" and bring me one of my "breakthrough" meds. When I was able,I got up. I ws still not comfortable, and I had braces and supports on almost every movable joint! I was wired with a tens unit and numbed by Lidoderm patches. I had thought I'd done so well! He sort of burst my bubble with his dismay.

    So anyway, DH works in telecommunications, where he goes into people's houses occasionally, and he came home today, saying, "I met a woman today who's had FM for 28 years." how timely. He described episodes that she'd had, that resonated of my own difficulties. He said she'd spent 10 months completely bed-ridden at one point, and he'd told her that he could certainly see that. Meeting this fellow sufferer had given my DH a new perspective and helped him to see that there are many others out there like us.

    Small victory, I know- but a victory nonetheless!
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    DH said she would loan me any books she has and that I'd be surprised howm many folks in this area have FMS/ CFS. Maybe we could get together a support group... oooh...!

    Still celebrating,