I love my Dad

Discussion in 'Comfort, Grief and Advice' started by buzybeee, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. buzybeee

    buzybeee New Member

    I lost my dad last month
    on February 9
    the best father in the world
    and he was mine

    When I was little
    his arms would open wide
    he would get down on his knees
    and give me a pony ride

    He always was happy to see me
    he would squeek "Marieeeee"
    A smile from ear to ear
    and a huge hug for me

    I remember he was very tired from working overtime
    fingers smelled of grease and oil
    his name on his white work shirt "Steve"
    loved to help people, and
    he always had time for his little girl

    My Dad was brilliant
    he made many inventions
    sold them all over the US
    some still used today in cars
    and all sefl taught

    Even though he had just a high school diploma
    he helped me with my college assignments

    He was selfless, he saved a family with 10
    kids from losing their house as their father had
    lost their job

    I remember he sold our piano
    which was his pride and joy
    just to make sure his employees
    were paid

    when ever we would go on vacation
    it was difficult to get there
    because he would stop and help
    every person on the side of the road
    whose car had broken down

    He head a passion for music
    and despite his hands being crippled by rheumatoid
    he managed to play the trombone and piano and teach
    little ones to play music .... then he would go to rest homes
    even in his 80's and bring those kids and he and the kids
    would sing and play music for the forgotten elderly in the
    convelescant hospitals

    All my friends call him Dad.

    He was funny and loved to play with language...
    light bulbs were light "blubs"

    They will always be "light blubs" to me Dad I miss you... I love you!!!

    Mom misses you too!
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  2. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your Dad, and in reading about him it's clear he had a hard-working, fun, charitable and lively life and was a great Dad and a super friend to all he met. I loved reading what you wrote and what a fantastic legacy to remember him by.
  3. buzybeee

    buzybeee New Member

    thank you for your kind words
  4. buzybeee

    buzybeee New Member

    Mom really misses you. Her memory has gotten so much worse since your death. I think that maybe God did that so she wouldn't feel the pain of you being gone as much. You were the best Dad in the world! How come God blessed me so!??!!
  5. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Thinking of you and sending you hugs. I understand how hard it is to lose our dad--I've lost two.

    I loved your tribute that you wrote about your dad.[This Message was Edited on 01/04/2012]
  6. May god bless your dad. RIP
  7. maxamber

    maxamber Member

    Hug. I am sorry to hear that. Everyone we love passes away would go to heaven.
  8. Keanur

    Keanur Member

    i love my dad also :)
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