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    I just wanted to share some positive things about doctors, as we all know not all fall in to that catagory.
    I went to my Doctor this morning, first of all she greeted me with a warm smile , as if she was pleased to see me, and then she asked me how I was doing , and I honestly believe that she was interested in my reply.At some stage while listing my "compaints" I told her that I was afraid that I was becoming neurotic, and she replied, "No , no , you shouldn't think that way, it's all part of the illness, yo ushould trust yourself and listen to your body."She was extreemly supportive , she said our main aim was to try and find a pain control regiem which would enhance my quality of life.I told her that I was determined that this illness would not define my life , and she agreed with me , but did advise me that I have to take it into account and pace myself more.
    All in all I left her office feeling alot better and less of a nut case, because I don't know how it is for all of you, but I find that I sometimes start to doubt myself and worry that I may be becoming a hyperchondriac (spl?).
    Anyway I just wanted to share this positive experiance with you all, and I hope that you all can find the sympathy and understanding that I have in my doctor.
    All the best,
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    Wow Jacqui

    That is wonderful that you found someone like her!!!
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    is wonderful also. I too began my last visit with him with aa staatment like "poor dr M, you never really got to know me before i was dealing with all of this". His response was "I think of you of someone who is really nice and works hard and is stuck with this problem". It felt good to be told you are not perceived as a whiner. This is a doc who also really seems to care when he says "how are you". He takes the time to talk with you and his office is very well run. No long waits to see the doc, quick responses to phone calls. It shows that docs can really be "patient friendly" if they choose to be.
    Glad you have a good doc also and that you brought up the topic of positive comments about doctors.
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    Hi Jacqui,

    Dont worry your not the only one. Sometimes i think that of myself too so i was pleased when i read your post as i thought straight away, phew glad i am not the only one that thinks that.
    Trouble is every time i take a step forward i go back two. I then think whats the point of trying, it only makes me more ill.
    Sorry, feeling very low today as i was seeming to be getting somewhere then i keep ending back in bed worse again.