I love this board :)

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by ilovecats94, May 29, 2006.

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    I just wanted to let you all know how much I love this board. It moves a bit slower so is easier to keep up with for me. The FMS board goes so quickly and I still feel we need a chit chat board.

    Some of my favorite people are here and I'm getting to know people I didn't know before and surely am enjoying getting to know all of you. :)

    I thank you for all of your prayers for Matt and my family. My husband works hard (he is 4 years younger than I am) and he has the cooking to do, the errands to do, shopping, etc. Never complains about anything. Even puts the dishes in the dishwasher and puts the food away after dinner. I try to help sometimes, but there are times I can't after dinner. It's like I'm just wiped out from eating.

    I do the laundry and right now our dryer is broken, so I'm having to hang up the clothes on wooden clothes dryer racks. We ordered a new natural gas dryer, but it hasn't come in yet and because of the holiday, the appliance place can't call Richmond, until tomorrow. So have been without a dryer for a week. Now I am worried if we made a mistake ordering natural gas instead of going with an electric dryer.

    I do feel a little bit better from the Neuro B-12 1 gm. sublingual I get from the Pro Health Store and the CoQ10 50 mg. sublingual, but I swallow that one. Those are the only supplements I seem to be able to deal with due to my gastroparesis and GERD. I take a Centrum Silver Vitamin after dinner.

    Matt is also on the Centrum Silver Vitamins because they don't have iron and yet have other minerals that would benefit his eyes and his diabetes. Took a long time for me to convince him about the vitamins.

    I am blessed that my husband makes enough money for us to live on, and that we can pay for the cleaning woman. I wish others had that luxury. We own our own home so don't have a mortgage and that is why we get by.

    Sorry for the rambling, just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you and Pro Health for having this board back up.

    Much love and prayers to all,
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    What a sweet post! It really warmed my heart. I feel the same way that we can share more here, and there is more time to listen, because it all moves so slowly.

    It gives me a nice, peaceful feeling - the slowness.

    I have to remember to take my sub-lingual B-12's. I know they are so valuable in many different ways.

    What is GERD again?

    I had a really nice week-end. I made a curry from scratch using 20 different spices and ingredients. It was really fun, and came out SO fragrant. First time I ever made home-made chicken curry.

    I have to cook in a slow-cooker - but I make 6 lbs. of dinner in it at a time. For my husband and I. I love to cook, but only manage a dinner every week or two.

    I just read your other post about the wedding. OUCH, MAN that must have hurt!!!!!! I hope it heals okay! I've heard that cranberry juice is good for getting rid of excess fluid.

    Yesterday I also picked my old-fashioned yellow roses. They are in every room of the house, and it smells like paradise.

    You would have laughed if you saw me - I looked like I was dressed for going on a safari. We have woods 20' in back of the house, with deer, a flock of wild turkeys and so many animals that graze on our front and side lawns.

    Ticks are what I worry about. Everyone else just goes about in shorts and all, but I take those lyme warnings seriously. We're in a prime high-risk state!

    Don't apologize for the rambling! :) It was a beautiful thought to express! I love the people here too, and feel so cared for. It feels like a safety net too.

    I'm glad that Matt is in so many people's hearts and prayers!!!

    Big (((HUGS)))
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    So glad to see you!
    I haven't been on here for a couple of days....just so much to deal with. I have been in so much pain and mental fog. I miss everyone when I'm not here.

    I am praying for Matt...how is he today?

    Again...so glad to see you. I am like you....it is so hard for me to spend much time on FM Board like I was doing for awhile.

    Love, Mari

  4. ilovecats94

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    GERD is reflux disease. (Gastro esophageal reflux disease...)

    Actually the toe didn't hurt that much because I have neuropathy of the feet from diabetes, so I didn't have much pain at all. It is healing and I'm grateful for that.

    I didn't know that cranberry juice was good for fluid problems. I would have to use the diet type. I'll mention it to my husband as we are out of ketchup.

    I would love to have roses in all our rooms. :) I love the smell of flowers. Matt got flowers for me for Mother's Day and I put them in the bedroom to hope the cat would leave them alone and they would smell so good every time I would walk in there. :)

    We had wooded areas behind our house but cleared it all out to plant grass seed because of that one problem and didn't want to invite snakes as my neighbor has a large wood pile very close to the line where our yards meet. Prime place for copperheads to live.

    Matt was supposed to get off at 7 PM today, but he didn't get off until 8. Big deal only one hour earlier than normal. Then he stopped by a friends house who lives in our subdivision so he got home about 9:10 PM.

    Good to see you here too. :)

    Love & prayers,