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    In March of this year, I went to see my doctor (DR B.) and told him how I felt, I thought i had lung cancer. He had me go for chest x-ray and bloodwork, everything came back ok. He sent me to Orthopedic (Dr P.) . Dr P. sent me for a bonescan, it came back ok, he was treating me for back shoulder pain and tennis elbow, with physical therapy 2x`s a week along with vikadin and muscle relaxers.

    did this for several months, the pain had increased so much that i went back to Dr B. and demanded he do a catscan. Catscan came back that I have orthopedic changes in my spine (ostoarthritus in my spine). I went to emergency room the day I demanded the catscan and was given a short persription for ultraset, (tramadol) it worked wonders, but I RAN OUT SO WENT BACK TO Dr P..wHO WROTE ME ANOTHER PERSCRIPTION FOR ULTRACET, FOR ABOUT ANOTHER 2 WEEKS WORTH, BUT IT STARTED NOT TO WORK,

    MY next appointment to see Dr P. he took it away and gave me a script for more vikadin (which make me sick and dizzy etc.)along with a script for napercins which did nothing for my pain and refered me to pain management who wouldn`t see me becasue I had no money.

    I switched to a DR A.M.( an Inernist), Who diagonosed me with Fibromaligia and put me back on tramadol and Elavil, but it started not to work after about 100 more pills, switched me to ultram and also elavil, ultram isnt really working at all, so he put me on Fentanyl patches, which make me have no pain but make me fell awful sick and dizzy etc.I can`t drive or mange to work more than a few hours a day if i`m lucky'

    This is what I am on at the present. The Elavil is to keep me from panic and stress attacks because that is when the pain really starts to overcome( it seems to trigger it). Without mediacation i fell like i am being tortured with a voodoo doll. i have pain throught out my back and chest, it feels like I`m going to have a heart attack and also as if someone has the fingers underneath of my ribcage and is pulling me in different directions.

    I am a self employed house painter *(for about 12 years) and if i worked for someone else they would have fired me from all the time I have missed in the last 6 months, sometimes I cant go to work, sometimes I can`t until late morning or after lunch, sometimes I go to work and have to come back home because i can`t overcome the feelings of pain and orerwelmingness'.

    it has taken me about 1 1/2 hours to write this because I feel carsick.This is an awful disease and I don`t know why i have to have it but i do, and I have to deal with it. All of our credit cards have been terminated with huge intrest and late fees( More stress). Our rent is always late.

    My wife is a CNA (nurses aid) and her income isn`t enough, i work about a total of a week a month if i`M LUCKY, My customers get furious with me cause I can`t do the job in a timely manner. My kids are on the school lunch program for the first time in their life, i have 3 children. i have been denied Medicade because we have a household income of $200 a month to much to be eligible. We are in a health source insurance thank god! Or i would`nt be able to get my medication, You really don`t need to know my financials, cause i imagine you all have your own.

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    Just a little tip - break your message up into paragraphs. People with CFS often have difficulty reading large blocks of unbroken text. You'll probably get a lot of replies if you go back to your message and press edit (only you can edit your own post) and break your message into paragraphs..

    Anyway, nice to meet you ! Welcome...I'm sure you'll love it here! Every one is so nice and helpful.

    Love Shelbo
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    Welcome and also happy belated birthday! I know everything seems overwelming right now but hang in there because there will come a time when things will get straightened out.

    I also think keeping a journal of your meds and pain will help alot. Every fibro case is different and doctors are still so confusesed about what to do for us.

    If at all possible see if you can go on Social Security disability. Ask your doc if he will recomend it. I had to quit work because of severe depression due to the pain of fibro and it wasn't all that hard to do to get on disability. That would help alot with your finances.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    I could be wrong but I think that the paint (Oil Base Paint)that you're using is making you ill! When you work do you put your hands in the paint or wash brushes with paint

    thinner or gasoline? Also you are breathing the fumes from the paint all day long! I would use rubber gloves and not let ANY PAINT touch your body and I would purchase a mask (not a cheap paper mask) but a respirator mask and use it all the time you are painting.I know that sounds like a lot

    of trouble but the money you're spending on Dr's is much more than you will spend on being more careful. Also breathing those fumes will damage your lungs.Use the Google search and type "Chemical Sensitivities" I would bet anything--you are being poisoned by the paint and chemicals

    you're using. Also find an Allergist and be tested for Multi Chemical Sensitivities.They use a scratch test,to determine what you are allergic to. I was using perfume,and was tested for that and my back(Which is where they test you )had a patch swollen as big as my hand. Dr said BOY are

    you allergic to Perfume. I stopped using it and I'm much better. All the symtoms that you described I had! I am also allergic to many other chemicals.As long as you are exposed to those chemicals --the worse you'll get!
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    that you have this DD. But welcome anyway. I can't imagine working in a physical job with this illness. It can't be easy.

    Do you have any other type of skills you can fall back on?
    The stress of the financial stuff alone is enough to cause pain.

    We are here for you and will keep you in our thoughts. I wish I knew what to say to help. Make sure to address you mental state with your Dr. to, we all need to treat the entire body.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and keep up posted
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    fairydust39 - this is interesting that you would say that and I would almost agree with you but, In NY you can no longer buy oil based paint materials. I do use a resperator about %40 of the time due to all the fumes in the paints, i am actually looking to change my career as long as this illness lets me have one.........

    I have noticed through the years that my central nervous system has been affected by all the fumes,I also worked in a cosmetic factory in my early 20`s as a compounder, and also can not tolerate the smell of hairspray.This maybe where it all started, maybe not, but i will take your message into consideration thanks alot.
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    i wish i could answer all your questions but i do have a couple suggestions. first of all Elavil is a sleep aid not really helpful for pain. the pain meds. that are making you sick also made me sick. Try Darvocet and Neurontin together or as i do Oxycontin in small doses of 10 mgs or so every 12 hrs. You should be seeing a RHEUMATOLOGIST as they are the best dr. for FMS. You may also may want to look into state disability or Social Security disability. Study up about Fibro. as this is a lifetime illness and sorry to say will change your life drastically.I suggest a book called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain " A survival Manual, written by Devin Starlanyl & Mary Ellen Copeland. This is the only book anyone would ever need on this subject in my opinion. GOOD LUCK!!!! PIRT
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    I'm so sorry Larry, but I'm glad you found us. This board has been a lifesaver for me-- lots of love going around.


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    Hi Larry,
    Even if you don't use oil base paints---they are still full of toxic chemicals.Especially if you get it on your skin. When I painted inside --I washed the brushes(using bare hands) with soap and water--and I was really sick. I have to ventilate the house and use rubber gloves and not let the paint touch my skin at all.

    I also had to wear a mask.Wearing a respirator 40% of the time,that's like eating 40% of the time,it won't work.That's less that half the time. You have to protect yourself all the time.

    Also working where you were exposed to hairspray is just as bad as the paint.I can't even use laundry products that are scented. Yes if you could find other work--you would be much better off.Just be careful where you work b/c you might have more problems. My husband and I had a business for 25 yrs. and the people wearing perfume ,Men and women,really hurt me a lot.

    Dust,mold,airfreshners,gasoline,dogs,cats,ect is just the tip of the iceberg!! Once you have MCS you start becoming allergic to sooo many things. I have many food sensitivities. Soy,dairy,eggs,yeast, and tomatoes, which are in many things you eat. That's why you should be tested by an Allergist(the Rast test or the Elise test are good as well) and find out everything that you are sensitive
    to.Then you can avoid those things.

    My eyes would itch until I had them rubbed raw scratching them.They would actually
    swell shut.When I'm exposed to chemicals I get dizzy and
    sick to my stomach. I spilled Dishwasher soap(Cascade) in my car and dumb me, cleaned it up with no gloves.I was sooo sick, I thought sure I'd die!!My feet even went numb.Muscle and joint pain is another sypmtom.

    People who work on blacktopping jobs (my 2 brothers) died of lung problems! Also Beauty Salon is really bad for any body with MCS.A friend of mine worked in a dental office for many yrs. and now has Cancer. She is very young too.

    If I go to my daughters,she has 4 dogs in the house,I have to stay outside. I feel bad but I get so terribley sick from them.
    Well I hope that you understand that this is not something to think about but it is life threatening. I hope that this helps you and I would certainly go to an Allergist for test. Learn all about MCS and the more you know the better off you'll be.

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    I'm sorry you have to have this disease. I grew up in Victor New York and left there when I was 16 and came to Illinois. I will say a prayer for you to get the help and healing you need.