i made an app. with 1 of the Doctors recommended on here

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    i went to the good doc. co-cure list last night and found 3 doctors in my area who they posted was an extra good fm doc.his name is Dr.Robert Edwin Dorlon Jr.. has anyone else on here ever been to him?i have an appt. June 25th, his nurse says to be prepared to stay at least 2 hours,because he doesn`t rush anyone,takes time to listen to you. i will bring a book and sit all day if i have to for a appt with him. i`ve been praying i could find a good fm doctor,and thanks to you all and this website i think i`ve found him. if i`m not mistaken the nurse says he treats 13000 patients. i might better bring my bed also. it`ll be worth it to me,when i go to him,i`ll let everyone know how it went. thanks to everyone on here who replies to my posts or just reads them. love and prayers, nje