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    Yes my big project was to use up some apples and make a pie. I made the dough from scratch which was fairly easy except trying to stir it up. Peeling the apples was a nightmare....my hands have lost so much control and are in so much pain. i can't believe a simple thing like making a pie is so difficult for me now.

    i used to make jelly, can pickles, bake all day, pick strawberries and wash and freeze them...all sorts of things that my mom taught me to do as a child. now i brag about making 1 pie....lol...lol...lol!
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  2. myalgiamania

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    I stood up making the pie...i should have sat down part of the time...it was awful. my legs felt like rubber with pain shooting through them. i'm not going to do that again...i'll be sitting at least while i'm peeling.
  3. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    THANK YOU ALL for your replies. and i keep forgetting to buy some epson salt so now its on my list!

    also, i did't know i could buy supplies to help me with cooking, etc. i'll have to look that up.

    the pie was yummy...i haven't made one in years![This Message was Edited on 09/06/2006]

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