I managed to beat CFS

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    Hi everyone,
    I came across this site by accident and it took me back to the time I had CFS or as we call it in England M.E.
    I suffered with it for about 2 1/2 years and felt a lot of depression at the time, I could walk very slowly and had pains in the joints as well as a cotton wool head,sleeping without feeling refreshed and other type symptoms which afflicts sufferers.
    After seeing my doctor who was very understanding I was given an appointment to see a doctor at Charing Cross hospital in London.
    He confirmed that I had the disease and told me the one of the best ways to beat the disease was to take a lot of rest,and slowly get better.

    I was determined to get well and didn't want the illness to drag on for countless years-which I knew some people had been thru. some ending up in wheelchairs because of their symptoms.
    I could walk but it felt like I was striding thru porridge and after a few minutes needed a rest to get going again.

    So I gave in work(I was self employed)and began to have a lot more easy going lifestyle. I changed my diet and cut out meat and went vegetarian as far a possible. Together with this I began to take a lot of differing vitamin supplements b6, b12, E, evening primrose oil and mega doses of vitamin C- something like 2 grammes a day.
    I know this sounds a lot and was probably a waste of money,but I wanted to get better.
    I also cut out coffee and tea and anything with caffeine in it and tended to drink a lot of herbal teas, like peppermint -this is good for digestion apparently.(I cut out alcohol completely)
    During the days I rested a lot and got my hands on books on alternative medicine, meditation,yoga and read up on stuff that was completely new to me ,also learnt about some relaxation techniques.

    I found doing a basic meditation techniques helped my mind to cope with all the problems I was going thru. Some very gentle yoga exercises as well as breathing techniques helped also.
    One thing I forgot to mention is that my meals were largely organic ingredients and I reguarly took chopped up cloves of raw garlic- as much as I could take.
    I'd read that garlic has powerful antiseptic properties and felt it would make a good internal cleansing agent. It sounds a little crazy together with the mega doses of Vitamin C - but I was desperate to get well and was willing to try just about anything.
    The garlic didn't make too pleasant to be around, mind you.

    Anyway doing this for a couple of years and with some good luck I managed to pull thru and ended going back to work. The symptoms for whatever reason slowly left and I regained my strength, it was bliss to get a good night's sleep and wake refreshed in the morning. During the recovery period I had taken a small sleep in the afternoon as well to help things along.
    You can get better from this horrible disease- I did it somehow.
    I hope all those suffering now manage to get well.
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  2. cristine04

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    your story is great. I want to be the next you, I think I am slowly starting to get better!!! I'm doing a lot of the things you did, and it just has to work.

    Thanks for the inspiring words.
  3. layinglow

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    Welcome to the Board!
    I am so glad you have gotten better.
    I have made the lifestyle, and diet changes, and implemented vitamins and supplements, as well.
    I, too, do lots of research.

    I am not bedridden anymore, and have made progress.

    Here's to good health!
  4. Shirl

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    Hi Andy, glad to hear your success story, hope all continues going well for you.

    I am a firm believer in supplements, herbs and diet. I also am doing very well on the above too.

    Thanks for sharing your success with us, we all appreciate hearing when someone is doing well.

    Take care, and again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. andy711

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    Hi People ,
    Hope you got inspired from my story- it took a lot of patience and will power, but I got thru in the end. Luckily it's being more recognised by the medical profession these days than when it first started to break out.

    I believe one of the first outbreaks occured in the 50's in a hospital in London amongst the medical staff.When an official report was made to the cause of the illness, it was put down as 'mass hysteria'.
    I've also heard of sufferers who got the disease in the 80's being referred to a psychiatric ward- so baffling were the syptoms to some doctors at the time.
    Luckily when I had the disease it was coming more into recognition and the media in UK were bringing it to public awareness.
    It took some time to get over, but it can be done.
    Good luck with beating it.
    Thanks for your welcome.[This Message was Edited on 04/24/2003]
  6. Spoonerpaws

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    Thank you so much for your post

    I am in tears today because of the depression from CFS and feeling like I may never get better

    Thanks for lifting my spirits!
  7. 2girls

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    I love hearing how people overcome, or at least improve their ailments. This board has been a blessing, thanks to the wonderful people who take the time to share thier successes in the fight against FM/CFS. Great to hear you are well.

  8. stillafreemind

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    congratulations and you deserve it. I am probably 50 to 60% better than I was two years ago..Praise to God. I have done it more or less the way you have. I took naps (and still do when I need to) every day at around eleven or noon. Most of the time I would only sleep an hour..then get..I think it did and does help me.

    I am so glad you found this board, and please feel free to jump in with your suggestions.
  9. ReallyTired

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    I really appreciate your story and it definitely gives me comfort to know that there is light at the end of this terrible dark tunnel. I keep thinking to myself that drugs are not the answer and would much prefer a healthier direction with supplements and rest if it works. Thanks for sharing your story. Warm regards, Reallytired…
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    or times where you had to slow down? My CFS symtoms are not as bad as they were but, the FMS pain level is up.

    We both have both, Again, just brilliant! And Hello.

    Enjoy! Kim and Gary
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    Hi Andy

    It was great to hear your story concerning your recovery. I too have found great relief through supplements, limited drugs and a lot of inner strength. I was officially diagnosed about 6 months ago but had had fatigue and achiness for years so I think it was building up. Last October it hit hard and I was a mess for over 4 months not having any energy or desire to do anything.

    I found a great Dr who put me on nurmerous supplements, discussed diet and listened to my comlaints. We also discuss various treatment options together. He really doesn't beleive much in prescription drugs and leans more towards the holistic side of things. Long story short I feel like I am finally coming out of the hole. Energy is about 80% of what it was and I no longer get that achy feeling. I am sleeping 100% better and feel better when I awaken. My attitude seems better and I actually want to do things again. In case your wondering here's what I take:

    4 tablets Focus Factor vitamins
    1 scoop ImmuneMax Protien Powder - 2 times day
    1 tablet CoQ10 150 mg
    1 tablet Actely L Carnitine
    1 tablet Lipioc Acid
    2 tablets Super EFA
    2 tablets Vitamin B12 (under tongue)
    2 tablets Porphyra-Zyme (absorbs toxic metals)
    3 tablets Olive Leaf Extract
    2 tablets ProBiotics (1 am 1 pm) -forget the name

    The only drug I take is 500 mg Cipro once a day - this really seems to have helped.

    I also saw a therapist at his clinic who helped me deal with the stresses and anxieties that come with this DD. We tried Thought Field Therapy and that has helped much with the social anxieties I experienced.

    I work full time and have a 1 1/2 year old son so life is pretty busy but I feel better as the day goes on. I have even begun to show my dogs again!

    Hang in there everyone. It does get better.

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