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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 25, 2007.

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    AS some of you know my really good pain doctor has been thru the ringer with legal issues. Two former patients claim the he was playing touchy feeley thru their clothes during the time they were under consious sedation. But the staff has always maintained that the doctor was never left alone with either of the patients. But you know that pain doctors are targeted as drug pushes. IN this case I really think it is about the fact that he would not prescribe the meds they wanted, so now his practice is in danger of being shut down if he loses this case. As it is a HE says /she says kind of case.

    So as I am on MScontin and MSIR as well as other strong meds I have been stressing about what will happen to me if for some reason he is found guilty. I don't feel that he will but when you have been on pain meds for a long time even a thought of something happening to my doctor is scarey. I know in my heart that he was set up for all the charges. But that is me and what I know about the case that I have been told by my doctor.

    I have stressed about this and so has he. Last visit we spent most of it talking about the what if's. Who would the 500+ patients see now.? As I was walking thru the hospital with my Mom I saw that there is a new rehumy in town.

    So today I called them and asked did he prescrbe narcotic pain meds for the following problems. FIbro, MPS, DDD, facet,syndrome, spinal stenonsis, pain in tail bone, arthritis in both knees, and the list went on. The receptionist said that he does use the strong narcoitc pain meds when it is nessary for the the individual patient. She said that I should be able to see him and have the same meds as I have now. If I need to see him I am to just call his office and they will get me in asap.

    Is this saying that he will for sure prescrbie me the meds I need. Most likely. As it would be bad for me to stop all meds and go thru withdrawls. So I would be able to get my meds filled and then have him go thru my history and find out if he agrees with what my doctor has me on now. And 0f course he would want to do his own testing and such.
    But it was a releif for me to know that there was a doctor in the town I live in that would help me out if I need him .
    I may just start to see him if he is on our insurance as that would be a $20.00 co-pay and a billing system that works right.Current doctors system bites. NO one knows how to do a thing with the insuracne.

    But what a releif it was to know that I don't have to travel up to 100 miles to see a doctor that would treat me.
    I am so happy and relieved. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of me and I can rest easy now as I know that I will be able to get the care and meds that I need.

    Thanks for listening to me
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    Hi Rosemarie I needed to hear someone else was stressing about separation from a physician who worked well with them then found another one nearby. I am about to approach my new MD at my 1st appt w/him to complete my FMLA application based on the tests and disappointing management of my care by my former MD and his referrals. I spent the cash I'd saved to purchase a used car running to those appts here there and elsewhere only to be told ---Suck it up cause I can't treat your symptoms until the uncontrolled Hashi's is again under control or as they think within normal limits on the labs. A customer mentioned her thyroid meds today so I asked & she referred me to a Birmingham, AL MD who's tailored her treatment individually to her needs. His name is Joe Teague.It may take a while to get an appt though. Anyhow,I am on vacation a couple days but hopefully I will be on FMLA soon after because my boss wants to terminate me for using 3 days in the last 3 wks of my 2 wks of sick leave accrued & unused all of last year. I'm stressed and all knotted up and achy since july & my heart muscle they found has been weakened . I need a resolution.Yours gives me hope that it could possibly work out for me.

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