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    that,my balance has not been good at all for at least 3 months. Not only due to the fibro (dizziness etc) but also my disc problems in my back are causing more of a burning drop to the ground type pain; I have had some close calls. My husband "thankd God" was with me when I almost fell at the L.A. County fair recently. We were just walking along and my legs basically could/would not move. Needless to say I sat down real quick. My doctor's advice is to wait and see how things go. I don't want to fall or worse, but isisn't the doctor taking a big chance by not giving me a prescription for a cane or something for when my husband isin't around??????? Just a thought.....My doctor says I have a progressive disease in my spine/disc's??? Why would he be hesitant to at least say keep one (cane) on hand just in case. It makes me wonder if that further diagnoses me and that is not what he want's. Any info???? Kathy
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    if you are questioning the doctors evaluation of your needs, you need to find a second opinion. this shouldn't be something to do until you find an answer you like, but one that you understand and feel comfortable. You might not hear what you like, but you should get an answer that seems responsive to your symptoms.

    best of luck,
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    My balance is crappy to. I have a walker but it's my pride holding me back. Dumb me......Good Luck my friend.. Teri
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    I will offer my experience and it's important to get the right type of medical help.

    I have severe degenerative disc disease. I am 43 years old and I have similar symptoms. In my case, when my leg gives out, it is the disc pushing on the nerve. It usually does not happen out of the blue. I may have a bad flare and it continues to worsen until I start losing my legs. I also get electric shocks that just about make me pass out. When I have too much nerve involvement, I take 10 days of a high dose of prednisone, and in my case the prednisone shrinks the discs off the nerves. I absolutely hate prednisone and will do anything to avoid taking it. I have changed my life BIG time and have pretty much stopped doing anything that might flare my back. I have chronic persistant back pain no matter what I do. I have been to 4 specialists in the past few years due to my spine. They all say pretty much the same thing. I am also disabled with multiple additional conditions in my spine and body. What you are experiencing could be serious and I would recommend a specialist. Discs can rupture...you don't want this to happen. I know a cane wouldn't help me and lots of people are helped with them.

    Ask your doctor to refer you to a spine specialist...hope you are feeling better...Jan
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    It's been a very curvy road lately with a lot of bumps in it that is for sure. I do actually have a second opinion to see another m.d. but, the cane thing keeps saying "why arn't you using me"?????? I did stress to my doctor that I was actually getting more panic attacks because of the uneasiness/dizziness/rubber type legs. So I guess we will see how things go. I did have a series recently of epidural blocks in my neck for severe headaches due to pinched nerve/disc bulge thing; it has helped about 50% I am scheduled to have other areas of my back done; I guess it shrinks the bulges???? I think I'm asking all the right questions, and then this board helps so much with reminders etc. oh yeah!!! I am taking 2mg klonopin before bed, and esgic plus for headaches. It's been the only combination that has given me a little relief. Now the remron I don't know what to expect with it; but my doctor feels I am depressed. I am now that's for sure!!! It's like more of a frustration too!!! My life is soooo different now. I pray it gets 75% better by the Holiday's. Take care everyone, and if you don't mind I will update my treatments, second opinion etc.... Kathy