I might lose my job next spring!!!

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    My company is downsizing the plant where I work. My department is getting rid of 3 machines. The machines that I work on are staying, that's where I work 99% of the time. Right now I am safe till the 2 people above me retire..which is next spring. The top machine that is left I can't work on due to restrictions. What do I do? Right now I am told I will get physical limitations layoff if I can't move up. I talked to a disability lawyer and he said I wasn't qualified because my Fibromyalgia wasn't severe enough and I still work fulltime. I have FM, OA, degenertive spine disease(Had 1 disc repaired another one on the outs right now in my neck), my knees need replacement(my knee caps are deteriating(?))my throid is acting up. I got a whole list of impairments. I go to the doc next January to really get this ball rolling. What should I do before hand??? So I can get all my ducks in a row. I could use some help with some of you that got disabilty for FM and other things.
    Thank-you in advance.
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    If you do you can see if your Doctor will put you out of work.

    And than if he/she thinks you will not be able to work at least one full year you can apply for ssd.

    My FM at times is not that sever.And at other times I'm in bed for weeks at a time.

    I also have advanced OA.Plus 5 pinched nerves in lower spine,depression and tendinitis in my left hand and shoulder. The spine and hand I will have surgery on in 2006.

    I won my SS on FM only.

    Good Luck To You I hope All works Out For You.