I miss playing the organ at Christmas

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    It has been four years since I quit my last church job and at this time of year I truly miss playing the wonderful, traditional carols on the king of instruments. I miss the organ light being the only light as the candle light is passed from one to another until the church is aglow as I played Silent Night. I am too old and my back can not hold out to attempt another church job, I am retired now.

    But I have traded it for a new tradition we began last year. My husband, son and grandson all played trumpet, my daughter played flute, I played piano, Megan and Phil delegated to jingle bells. We shall do it again tomorrow. All the traditional carols in our own little family band.

    As I reflect, I thank God my husband is here to play. Who knew less than a month after his retirement in July he would be diagnosed with cancer.

    My special wish for all of you would be that each of you have time this season with no pain, no problems, no stress just joy.

    I had a special moment of joy, which I shared in a post about what we would like on Christmas. Foggy brain, but I think that was the post.

    Rather than send you looking I will repeat it.

    My 5th grade grandson plays on a basketball team. They all put heart and soul into the game. They have Jason who is number one pick of the league and could win all by himself with zero team mates. But this past Sat. I was blessed to see my grandson make his first basket.

    But the real blessing was to watch a boy with crooked legs and knee pads make a basket. This child is constantly beet red with exertion from running back and forth. He has little upper body strenght. He has Cerebal Palsy. But that number one Jason child , threw the ball to Lander, who stood under the basket and made his first shot . I cried as it was such a special moment and gift from God.
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    I am so glad the Christmas season was special for your family. I think God your hubby was there and family.

    I had a question. Were you the one who played hymn requests from people? If it was not you, then maybe you could tell me who it was. My foggy brain does not retain much.

    I play the piano. I used to play for church, can't now and like you said, really miss it. I had not seen anyone ask for songs for a long time so I did not know if it had been discontinued. I appreciated it. I would offer to play songs for those wishing it.

    I don't want to take your job or whose ever it was. It has just been something I have been mulling over in my heart. It was such a blessing.

    Your story of your grandson was a Kleenex moment. It seems what God takes away from our little ones, he gives something in return.

    In Jesus Christ,
    Jinlee (janna)
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    Yes, it was me. My life just kind of was spinning out of control one thing after another.

    I am hoping for a lull.

    My only problem with playing hymns was that some I could not find.

    But I will put up a request post.
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    Dear asa

    God Bless you for your beautiful blessings for for your special wish

    I pray for you and your family , your husband and all family members that may need help or prayer.

    What a blessing you share w/u s about your grandson

    God Bless you

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    It is good to see your post. I have been away from here for a very long time. If you send me an email I may be able to respond in a few days.

    I don't have your email address in my contacts when I am at my mom's. I have to drive to a restaurant parking lot which has free internet access to be be able to get my email. My mom's Webtv is not compatible with my cable internet unfortunately.

    I am glad your family was able to continue your special family band at Christmas time. That is something I hope you will be able to continue for many years.

    I am sure you were thrilled to see Josh make a basket. In church today at my mom's church they had a children's sermon and it was about the best gifts are free.

    It sounds like you have already experienced several of these free gifts recently.

    We had a good Christmas. It has been very busy since I got here. Today I am taking my usual Sunday afternoon nap and forgetting the world for a while.

    Please pray for Caffey. She is very very sick. Take care.