i miss wearing cute clothes, shopping and fixing my hair

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    i just don't have the energy to get fixed up after my bath! i have been homebound since thanksgiving....i am going nuts....i am so tired and achey....i feel fat and ugly....do you feel the same way?

    i look at clothes online, and pick out what i wish i could buy....it is a waste of money when all i feel like wearing is pj's...

    i am trying to come up with a new style that is comfortable like pj's but looks better...also, a hairstyle that looks great with just a wash and wear...i am so sick of short hair....i think i will get extensions again so that just brushing out my hair will look nice...

    i just am depressed and sick of looking like crap....i think turning 40 has something to do with it....i don't know what looks good anymore...and i don't go anywhere...

    i am on the guaifenesin protocol so i am really feeling awful these days....anyone want to talk about hair and clothes with me? i really miss it!!! pink
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    Thanks for such a nice message! I get pretty sick during the winter months with FM, myofascial pain disorder and the chronic fatigue, tmj, blah,blah, blah....

    anyways, I use up the little energy I have getting my two rascals off to school(it is like herding cats to get them where they need to go!), taking care of my daughter (with cerebral palsy) we get help for parts of the day with her, and then the evening routine of homework,baths, reading to the boys, laundry....

    I am very fortunate that I have a weekly cleaning lady/goddess!, my husband drives the boys to and from school and to hockey, and makes supper every night....

    the guaifenesin is a very popular medicine (that is found in cough medicines) that a dr discovered helped people with FM...He has FM as well as 2? of his daughters....He wrote a book called "what your dr may not tell you about Fibromyalgia" his name is R. Paul St. Amand....

    his theory is that FM is caused by phosphates building up in our body...(that is the very simple version)....I kept running into people mentioning this treatment, on websites, in books, anywhere FM was discussed....this treatment has a very high success rate....it is not a cure but people regain much of their lives from it...

    it takes months to see the results...that is the hard part, and also, the guaifenisen makes you go through cycles of feeling worse before you feel better...but, I don't have to stop taking my meds my dr has rxed, I don't have to mess with my diet, and it sounds like it works...also, my doc supports me doing this even though he doesn't know anything about it....

    it is cheap and has no side effects...one very important part is you cannot use anything on your skin that has salicates (plant based ingredients) so I had to go through all my makeup, lotions, toothpaste, etc to replace them with sal free products...it kept me busy for a while which is good! I needed a project!

    this dr doesnt make money from this theory (other than his book sharing his discovery)...and last week, I talked to someone who told me I should try this guaifenesin, that she knew a woman who had a daughter that was symptom free for a year because of this medicine....I felt that was a little sign to keep on! I only have been taking it for about 6 wks....

    anyways, I just wanted to share with you what it was and my excitement over it....I am such a skeptic when it comes to most FM "treatments"usually!....but, like I said, this one kept popping up...it is cheap, easy, and it mostly takes time and time I have!

    I just am fussing over not being able to shop and dress nice...my hair gets messed up from laying down! teehee! I don't go anywhere and clothes aren't as comfortableas they used to be....

    and heels, well, I am still grieving over not being able to wear them anymore...It was so embarrassing when I was at someones house, I was leaving, there was a ton of people on the stairs and entryway of this split level house...(my right leg drags a little when I feel really bad and I was super tired from being out)and I caught my boot heel on the stair and fell....bad...

    luckily another lady totally caught me on my way down....and everyone gasped and looked at me...it was embarrassing...the worst of it was i was there to take prom pictures of my daughter with all these parents I didn't know very well....I did it right in front of my 16 yr old daughter...haha!! you know how parents are so annoying anyways!!!!! and I had to do a flying leap in front of all her friends!!!!.....so, no more heels...plus they hurt my knees and back now...

    ok, I think that is about it...lol! can you tell I am here to chat? I hope that you understand better about the treatment I am trying....thanks for listening! Pink
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    I just looked back at my post.....OMG....sorry it is a book...Pink
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    Me, too! I often don't even have the energy for a bath!! I was feeling better during the month of January and I actually started getting dressed on most days, putting on some makeup (first time in months), and fixing my hair. i was looking pretty good.

    Now, I look and feel like crap again. My rebound was short lived...

    This stinks!

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    I think many of us know how you feel, I've been mostly housebound or bedbound since July of 04!

    I make my own jammy pants so they fit right and they're cute to boot. It keeps me busy on days when I feel well enough to sew.

    Last spring I felt much better for a few months and was finally able to go out and shop for some new clothes, not just new jammy shirts so that was huge for me, but it's rare that I feel well enough to get out and shop for myself.

    I'm hoping for another relief period this spring but just found out I need to move so that's just another huge stress added.


    Nancy B
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    Me too. I used to love to fix my hair, dress up, and look pretty. Now I do good to get my hair washed and dried. I think so hard about what to wear then I just say "what the heck" walk out and shut the closet door and put sweats on. As for makeup, well it must be a really special occasion or forget it. Sounds silly, but all this wears me out now where it used not to.

  7. Bruin63

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    I found that even tho, I have all these conditions to contend with, that if I keep on trying, (Trying ;o)
    to look my best.

    Lately it has been really hard, due to having an on going Infection and being on abx trt.s forever it seems like.
    It saps my energy, so what I do is take things in stages.

    I find that wearing, nice clothes, and fixing my hair, does boost my Spitit.
    I buy a lot of clothes, from the hsn shooping network, you can check out their website, and also their station, if you get it in your area.

    I love Caftans, because they are pretty and roomy and easy to care for. I buy a lot of Antthony, because they are pretty, afforadable, and easy to care for.

    I also love sweaters because I am cold all the time, so I buy the Storybook line, they are mostly Handkitted, colorful and fun.
    A bit spendy, but you can find a lot of sales, that are affordable.

    Hair piece's, have been a big time saver for me, I am even thinking of trying a SilverGray haired one, just to see what I look like, when I quit dying my hair.
    I buy Toni Brattins, they are easy to care for, and there are so many different styles to chose from.

    I like Signature Club A, products for my makeup, I havent had any bad reactions to it, so far.
    Plus they have Fablous Handbags, as a bonus, if some of her kits.

    Shoes, I buy at Wallmart, lol, Dh call's me "Imelda" lol,
    But I found that buy wearing the Dr. Schhols, (sp?) inserts and also some of their newer style shoes, keep my Feet, a lot more comfortable for when I do go out.
    I used to be stuck with Flats and heavy tennis shoes, because I had bought, some Custom made Inserts, that were expensive, but didn't fit most shoes.

    I go to the Thrift store, that I know, takes good care in Cleaning stuff first,
    That is were I get my House Dress's, they are still nice looking, been washed enough to be soft next to my skin, and I can Marry most of my New things with them.

    I know some of my Friends, both Cyber and Flesh, lol, think that I am Vain.
    Probably am, so was my Mother, who I looked up to because she was so Beautiful.
    She had this rule, that You never left the house without your Lipstick on and Clean clothes.

    She was poor, and only had 3 dressses when she was a teen.
    As an Adult she was able to Dress with style, and had nicer clothes, than us children. Who wore handme downs.

    But as I got older I understood, kids ruin clothes, and my Mom was a Singer, who needed to look good.

    When I got sick, really sick, to where I am now house bound, I still wear my fancy, Thriftstore clothing around the house, if some one rings the bell,

    Like the UPS guy's, lol, I am not in a nightgown, but a comfortable dress that I can lay in bed in and still feel like I'm dressed, not Depressed, because I have to live inside so much.

    I know some people will take offense to this post, because I have posted my opinion on this matter, but I feel that if I give in to not doing things for myself, well then the FMS/CMPD/AO/IBS/and all the other co-exisitng conditions I have, will have won.

    I tell the DH that I am happy just looking at some of my clothes, and my 3"inch Strappy Rhinestone Heels, that I will Never wear, but had High hopes when I bought them, now I have them on my dresser.

    btw my Mother's nickname was, "Pinky". Guess why, and she Never dressed me in that lovely color, I always wore Blue. Now I have a love of Pink, in my life,
    such as it is, ;>]

    Do you watch, Project Runway on the Bravo station?
    Love that show, also the Designer show that is on now.

  8. Mini4Me

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    I think we can all relate to what you are saying. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly.

    I have a closet full of beautiful clothes and shoes that I no longer have anywhere to wear since I no longer work.

    Often I will get myself all dolled up and just go to the grocery store or to the post office to get my mail. Or I just sit at home all dolled up.

    It does make me feel better somehow to be out of the pj's and looking as good as I can.
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    I really don't shop on line, I never give my CC Acct. Numbers to anyone, that I don't buy from on a regular base.
    I do check out the website's, for things I want, like right now it's Shoes.
    Then I can call and order them over the phone and I never had a problem that way.

    Thoes new looking Jog Suits are so pretty these day's.
    I bought a couple for my MIL and she loves them.
    She lives where it is cold most of the year, so this way she feel's like she is still fashionable, and she is
    lol, lol,

    Loved the posts, and how we all handel the Dressing with these dd's.
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