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    It seems like I've been gone forever! We had to unhook my computer and bring it into another room. Then we decided to switch to a cable system on my son's computer instead of being hooked into the phone line. So I'm finally back on-line today! I've been feeling better physically, despite this crappy weather! The physical therapy for my neck has helped and the pain is almost gone. I started going to a Fibromyalgia support group - the first meeting was last week - and it went very well. It's geared to "Wellness" and isn't a gripe session. I like the moderator very much - she also has FMS and is a very positive person. I've missed coming here and seeing how everyone is doing. I know this winter has been horrible - I hope everyone on the East coast isn't too snowed in! Glad to be back!

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    missed you, too!! Glad you're back online and I am thrilled that the PT and support group are helpful!!! Yes, the weather here IS crappy, but we should be in the 50's today, so some of this should melt into the saturated ground. I plan to get out of the house sometime today~~cabin fever, big time!!
    Take care of yourself and keep in touch!!
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    Just a note to say that I'm glad you're back.

    Love, Selma