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    Last friday night was the buffet for our Missionaries Conference. I had to make a couple of things and a friend who lost her mothere kiddingly said that she wouldn't be there and I had to make her food.

    Well Friday morning I woke up with a song going through my mind.."Tell Me Have You Done Your Best For Jesus,and the rest goes... for He has done his best for you,

    I began by making cupcakes for the children, which led to making a huge bowl of shrimp and crab salad, which led to making two coconut torts with almond whip cream, and sweet potatoes with pecans and cherries, ....... Lemon bars...

    And all the while that song was playing through my mind, (it was the end of the day , and I had to call my daughter to help me bring the food to the church..) It was so funny because I kept answering "Well, No" and my friend couldn't bring her dishes.

    For over a month I have been waking up with a song on my mind. That one surely got some action!!
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