I my name is " GRACE" I tripp over anything

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

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    I was walking in the liveing room yesterday and I reashed for a paer tha I needed and I must have slipped on some thing and started to fall I put my hand sout and caught my self on my glider rocker foot stoll that also rokcs andI feel like i have pulled a ligimanets and muscels in tha left arm andit is so pain panfull and my back is so sore. And I am not sleeping because of this pain and my mom will want me to go to church with her and I don't want to go and sit on bencehes that hare all funcky and tilt the wrong way making muy back spassam badly.

    when you have had a tooth pulled the day one is not bad but day 2 is worse and day 3 it is hurting so bad that your wanting to scream and that ill ba later on today and I am already in so mucn pain that i am in tears.

    I can't lift my arm abot my head so I know that i have screwed it up and cause me to have more and more pain but we are short inthe money and the hospital wil not let you see a doctor unless it is a life altering thing that could kill you and I some how don't thing that pulling my soudler
    out of the ocket and haveing it pop back in will be what it the life altering things to be sem my the docotrs

    I hate this pian so mcu and I am in tear crying because I can't stand this horrid pain and it is only getting wooorse. I dont' know what ti do becaue the hosuepaiiitll will look at what i am tkaing for pain and asume that I am adrug seeker and geve me nothing and i am in enough pain that i have throwup and I hurt so bad that i just and to SCREAM and have someone really liestne to me then tell me that it is ok be in this amout of pain.

    My back is ina a spasm that is getting wores as I am writing and I hurt too muh and i dont' want to eeal with it al all and I am start to getting ready to scream. NO one is awake and i am crying because of this pain adn i cna't cope any more I feel like I did what I ore my soudller ligiments in the right arms years ago.

    How I wish that I oculd really put in to workd the real meaning and honest feeling tha this in feeling mme iwth and it is . My back is screaming in pain and it is loud and ever eo painfull and if I had gone to the doctor He ouwl have done NOTHING ABOUT IT! I want this pain to go away and stop hurtim so muc and i m in so much more pain tha I can stand. I am cring biig tears for this pain andit can't deal with it. at all.Please oh someone make this pian , please hle me! I am losing hti baddle with this pian.

    I don't mean to be begging for help but I can'tstand itn item to help me can't do thing to ease this pian s i am going o g to bed now sorry for your time Rosemarie
  2. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    bad at all. I went last weekend when my left arm was numb. They said nothing about my pain meds. They will be able to see that you are in pain - they are there to help.

    I too am a "tripper". I've fallen down stairs, tripped over things - including my own feet.

    Go to the hospital and get some help.
  3. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    not telling the doc about your FMS. So many docs get preconceived notions about FMS sufferers. Try going in and give symptoms only, not your dx.

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