i need a break!

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    i was diagnosed with fibro in december and i just wanted to know when if ever does a remission happen. i have been in constant pain for a year. i have to keep working to keep my health insurance but all i manage to do is drag myself to work and sleep. i have no life anymore. i take robaxin and vicodin along with nuerontin and topamax for headaches that i have had constantly for 10 years. i really could use one of these elusive remissions i keep hearing about. my husband is in a band and i wish i had the energy to go see him play (he is at a show right now) but i just can't manage to get the strength to go. i am in pain all the time and i feel so alone and sad. i'm on an emotional roller coaster because i just want my life back. right now i'm just tired of feeling so bad and i need a break. i have gotten so much good info off of this board that i feel like you all are the only people i can vent to. thanks for listening.
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    Sorry you are having a rough time. Well, I am not cured, but I have the pain under control. A couple of years ago a doctor put me on MS Contin which I took for about nine months.

    I could not take the side effects so I went on Subutex which is a milder opiate - also prevents withdrawals when you stop opiates.

    Anyway, I have been on Subutex for months doing well. You dissolve it under your tongue 3-4 times a day.

    It works on the pain receptors in your brain. Not all doctors can prescribe Subutex, they have to be specially licensed.

    Bottom line is, Subutex has less side effects and no "tolerance" issues. I am sure being an RN you can check it out.

    You could completely stop the Vicoden and switch to Subutex to see if it might help you. The only other meds I take are a occasional Ultram and Tylenol Gel Caps. Also 5 mg of Ambien at bedtime.

    I also use a massage chair regularly to keep my back relaxed.

    To me, pain treatment is "trial and error" until you eventually find what works.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    you on the fibro, but maybe a nice warm bath would help your spirits...Write again when you feel like venting! Terri
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    This is such a hard DD. I want to give you hope. We are all different so different things work for us.

    How were you diagnosed? Do you have any other diagnoses which are contributing to your pain? What kind of Dr are you seeing?

    Have you tried any nautural, diet, or homeopathic remedies? Diet can make a difference with several facets of this illness.

    Though I have had this Dd for over 15 yrs I was just dx a month ago. I have been to many drs, had surger, ER's, Hosp but no one even suggested FMS. I never even heard of it until this year! So I've been studying it and am learning a lot. I've been dx now but 2 drs - naturopathic and rheumatologist. (I wanted a 2nd opinion). I'm still waiting for the test results from all the blood work my rheumy did.

    I do believe remission happens. I have gone through good and bad seasons. Right now my pain is flaring but I am fighting it with diet, physical treatments (chiro/acupuncture/massage), and mild pain meds (if it doesn't calm down soon I'm pulling out the big guns). I try to manage my pain w/out heavy meds because of the side effects.

    I suffer from many types of headaches (daily) but some of my headaches are kept under control by managing my blood suger. Also stress management (easier said than done). Others respond to Advil. The tired headaches are tuff because I need sleep to get rid of them and that isn't always easy. Then there are the really big ones which are more of a face pain - they are the worst. A trigger shot gave me a lot of relief with those. Other than that I have used a wide range of pain meds.

    Ultimately I think natural healing has the longest lasting effects but takes longer to feel good. Combining western with alternative medicine is a well balanced approach.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. Is your hubby supportive? This can be a very lonely DD. We all understand that. This is a good place to come. Find comfort with us. I wish we could all sit together in our comfy clothes and keep eachother company.

    Sorry I rambled so long. I just wanted to let you know I care.

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    i want to thank you all for your responses, it's good to have people you can talk to who understand! i was diagnosed through testing of tender points, which was like accupressure gone bad, and a whole lot of blood work to rule out everyother possibility for this pain. right now i just see my primary care dr. he is very good and understanding, also he believes what i am saying. i have not had to fight him ever when it comes to pain issues. he has always been willing to treat any wierd thing that happens to me. i have had chronic muscle tension headaches for about 10 years, when they were trying to find out a cause for the headaches they found a spot on my mri in the hypothalamus. it hasn't grown and the doctors don't think it causes the headaches. so over the last few years i have become so sensitve to things, getting my teeth cleaned causes pain that lasts for days but there is no explainable cause for this. if i get a haircut, having my hair washed in the sink causes neck pain and headaches. just driving my car now causes pain to increase in my soulders and arms. the bright spot in my life is my husband rob. he has held me while i had a lumbar puncture when they were still checking the spot in my head, he has been in the room to talk to me through multiple mri's. and he gives me massages and remindes me to take my meds. i couldn't ask for someone more supportive. since i don't see my friends or family much anymore because i don't get out much, it's good to know that the man at home is the best i could have ever found.
    thanks again to you all for listening to me. i don't know what i would do if i hadn't found this board and all of you. you are all so wonderful. thank you!