I Need a (fast) ImmuneBoosting Supplement

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anchor, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. anchor

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    I Need a (fast) Immune-Boosting Supplement

    i have Dx of FM and CFS.....and my 13 y/o prob has LD - haven't checked into it for myself.

    i am back to work full-time as a Kindergarten teacher (can you say exhausted?)....and while i am making it through the days, i just seem to get sick a lot.....so does my little one who has started preschool 3x a week now.

    i expect it to be like this for a year for both of us - children are often sick their first year of school, whenever that may be....and so are teachers. i am returning after a nice, relaxing, 3 year-long maternity leave :)

    but i am wondering what one/two supplements could i take that might really make a difference in my immune system?

    i don't really take much now.....B12 to fight fatigue (sometimes too tired to remember...lol), L-lysine for the 'nasal sores' i get....i had a bad head/chest cold during the first month of school and b/c my immune system was down, had the worst sore i've ever had....and now i take lysine daily.

    feel like i should be doing something preventive, i just don't know what.....i don't even know what to when a cold starts to hit.

    any and all ideas welcome.

    thanks, lisa
  2. vannafeelbettr

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    It is a powder you can order over the internet at www.legacyforlife.com. It is extracted from a chicken before an egg is hatched. Before the chicken lays an egg it releases strong immunity properties so that the egg can survive outside of the mother hen's body. You can read about it on the website. I use it, as it was highly recommended to me by my cousin (who is a nurse) and a FM/CF sufferer. She's been using it for 4 years and swears by it!

    Good luck!!!!
  3. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    It was created by a teacher actually, and lots of teachers use it and swear by it. My family loves it too. (I don't take it because I have interstitial cystitis and it has a lot of Vitamin C, which will aggravate the condition.) You can check out the Airborne website for more info. It comes in a lot of varieties and flavors.

    Best of luck!! Those little kiddos are so cute but sometimes pack lots of germs with them. :)


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