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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by linpop, Nov 29, 2006.

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    Please see my post 'Loneliness is Pain' I really don't know how to get through another holiday alone! Someone suggested I volunteer I would love to but I am in too much pain to stand for long. Some days I'm lucky if I get out of bed if you have FMS then you understand, I recently had my Chronic Fatigue return because of all the stress I am under with my husband. How awful I have to call him my husband when he is with another woman, my previous post will explain.

    So, please if anyone would like to make the effort maybe a few of us who have absolutely no one to spend Christmas with can get together. I live in So. CA see my profile.

    I can' be the only one who is going to be alone and doesn't want to. If I am then I'm in worse shape than I even thought and that is bad enough considering most days I've lost the will to live. I am a good Christian woman and have been walked on most of my life because I have a lot of compassion. When I need it no one is there. Its just its Christmas, no one should be alone!!!
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    The best friend I have found is, this year, I got a beagle that is the sweetest loving thing, and then 5 weeks ago I got a chilula (cant spell)

    I got into this because I started out fostering blood hounds for search and rescue and when they turned 7 months old I had to turn them in for bootcamp to go to work with the law enforcement, but I would get to attached. Its hard.

    These 2 baby puppies have been wonderful for me, sometimes I think they are to loving.
    Love Brenda
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    I am sorry you are so lonely. Do you attend church? I do not, but it seems as if you may have an outlet there if there is a decent church close by. I know they would even collect you.

    Also, think about fostering a pet from the SPCA. This way, you can take care of a little creature in your home whilst they look for a permanent home for it and they can supply the food and vet costs. You can also volunteer to go and brush the dogs and cats.

    United Way may know of groups that meet over vacations or will "adopt" a lonely person to join them for holidays.

    Maybe someone from CA would know what is available.

    Love Annie C