I Need A Recommendation: Dishwasher

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ConfusedInPA, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody,

    Well Kevin and I got our beef soup made. It was delicious. Kevin loaded and ran the dishwasher later in the evening. Yippee, I enjoy not having a messy kitchen in the mornings. :)

    So late yesterday afternoon -- and yes I'm still coughing lots from the bronchitis -- I decided to make an attempt to unload the dishwasher. I figured even if I got 1/3 of it unloaded, well that's progress. Right?

    Wrong. The dishwasher died sometime during one of its cycles on Sunday evening. I have a full load of greasy pots, pans, etc, and water in the bottom of the dishwasher, to clean out today.

    Our "plumber" doesn't want to take on the task of diagnosing the problem. He recommended an appliance service place -- when they asked how old the dishwasher is, I think they laughed. TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE.

    We have a Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy, and Lowe's close by. So Kevin will browse.

    Do Y'all Have A Favorite/Reliable Brand to recommend??? I'll try to research online, see if I can read any Consumer Reports articles. But I was wondering, about your REAL LIFE experiences with appliances.

    We're probably going to get a refrigerator too. I think if you buy two or more of the SAME BRAND, you can get a good deal? Any thoughts about refrigerators are appreciated too. We don't want anything fancy, just the basics, for both appliances.

    Something tells me that this is going to be the year for upgrades on household stuff.

    Any advice, suggestions, etc. appreciated!!!!! Before we bought this house, in 2001, I lived at home with my parents, and then in apartments. So I have no clue about buying "big ticket" items.


    Hugs, Diane
  2. jkennedy

    jkennedy Member

    Hi, Diane. With whatever brand you go with, be sure and get a dishwasher with a food chopper. It eliminates the need to rinse your dishes before loading. Best d/w feature ever!!!!

    Ours is a Whirlpool although I'm not sure of the model offhand.
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I have a Kitchen Aid, about 6 months old. We have an appliance chain in so. calif and they're usually the lowest in prices. Most of the appliances are silver so you will want to be sure to stay with the fronts you like. And the silver is hard to keep without finger marks. My cleaning lady uses water and vinegar and then polishes it, but I've learned to always watch about where I touch them.

    I've never heard of a food chopper?
  4. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your replies.

    Food chopper, hmmmm. That sounds very useful. I've never heard of it, either.

    I was wondering about "colors". I'm not sure I want the silver. And I don't want black. Our current (OLD) appliances are an off-white/cream color. Kevin will have to see what's out there, for colors. And he doesn't want lots of bells and whistles, but I bet he'd like a food chopper.

    Before I looked in the dishwasher yesterday afternoon, I happened to run the garbage disposal. YIKES. Sounded like someone dumped a scoopful of nuts and bolts in there. With some fiddling around (I did not find any beef bones though), I managed to get it normal-sounding and working again. We're gonna have to ask to see if we need a new disposal, to go with the dishwasher.

    We have a couple "mom & pop" appliance stores in the area. There also used to be a great "scratch and dent" place, not too far away. That's where we got our washer and dryer (which reside in the basement). And I never saw a scratch nor a dent on either.

    I'm still working on washing dishes. Two more loads to go. Then I get to bale out the water from the d/w. Yippee. Then I just might nap. I'm tuckered.

    Thanks again jk and sun. More replies, suggestions, etc. are welcome! Back to the sink I go!

    Hugs, Diane
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane,

    Ours is a Maytag but we didn't buy it. It is at least about 15 years old or more. It is doing well and I have heard that the Maytag is one of the best, or at least it is supposed to be or was. They are not cheap as I understand it but are very well made. So, you might want to keep that in mind. I never heard of a food chopper either :)! Well something we do might help you t keep it longer plus save water bills. I take a brush and run over the plate or whatever a bit to get off most of the food particles BEFORE putting in the dishwasher. Then we set it on the lowest setting to wash. We also don't put the pots in there. I do them by hand. I know my kids all put everything in there and do the full cycle. I usually don't even put the dishwasher on every day, more like about once a week or so. It is just as easy to wash a few by hand too. Our washer and drier are both MAYTAG.

    This is just a suggestion and nowadays who knows what is a good buy and will last a long time. I don't think they make things as good as they used to. Some of our other appliances are also Kenmore and Jennaire.

    Good luck and sorry about having to wash all those dishes by hand. I now what a pain that is. Let us know what you decide. and find out. We may have to get a new dishwasher sometime in the not to distant future, who knows.

    Hugz to you and all,'
    Granni :)
  6. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Diane, I also have a Maytag. It's years old, don't remember how many and never had a problem with it. Of course, that doesn't mean they're all that well made. :) When I have to get a new one, it will be a Maytag. Good luck! GB
  7. jkennedy

    jkennedy Member

    Diane, the specs for a dishwasher might not use the term food chopper, but look to see what they say about prerinsing dishes before loading. I like the feature because it's more energy efficient not to have to prerinse. And it certainly saves me energy!

    My favorite feature for refrigerators is a bottom freezer. That's because I use the refrigerator part a lot more than the freezer, so I'd rather have refrigerated items more handy.

    Last fall our refrigerator needed repair, and it took about 10 days for the part to be ordered and installed. Living out of coolers all that time drove us crazy.

    Then, once it was repaired, another problem happened 2 weeks later, just before Thanksgiving. We lived out of coolers again for several days and then decided to just get a new one.

    We were just going to get a replacement for the one we had, but there were dozens of refrigerators on the floor, and we hadn't realized what swell new features they have now. We were seduced!!!!

    We got a really great one and spent much more than we had intended. We've had to put off some other purchases because of that, but I love my refrigerator!!! I even hug it sometimes.
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I have a double door frig with the pull out freezer drawer at the bottom. I love it. I was having to always bend down and then lift my head to look in the frig. Bad news.....because I have a bad neck and back. My bottom freezer is filled with freezer gel packs for my neck. And as a heads up on the frig, they're making them taller and wider so that may be important to you where it will sit.
  9. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody!

    Just a quick note -- I read all the replies here, and on the Porch too! Thank you all soooooo much!

    We do have a space consideration. We'll have to measure the space for our old dishwasher and refrigerator, as well as the space for the door! Won't do us any good at all if we can't get the appliances through the door. :)

    We found out yesterday that Kevin will not be getting a raise, not even a cost-of-living-adjustment, from his employer. Nor will any other employees. Don't ask. I'll raise my BP if I talk about it. Let's just say, there's a line between catered-to upper management, and loyal dedicated employees.

    So we won't be buying anything super expensive. We'll look for good quality.

    Plus, we've just been inundated with snow, sleet, freezing rain. We have five inches of snow again, since yesterday afternoon. This snow is covering a sheet of ice, from when the rain fell yesterday. Makes getting about difficult.

    We may be able to go shopping on Sunday. We'll be in a "thaw". Although Kevin still has bronchitis. He sees his doc again tomorrow, I'm hoping he'll get another script for ABX. Me, I've discontinued the ABX, been spending too much time dealing with the bad side effects.

    So, NO browsing, NO shopping. Hopefully, soon!!!

    Thanks all! I appreciate all the replies. Sorry for such a rambling reply. I'm just not feeling all that great today. Back to the couch, after a Mucinex and some Vicks.

    Hugs, Diane
  10. kswebb

    kswebb Member

    Hi Diane~

    We have a Kenmore Dishwasher - only 2 years old and I love it! We went many years with a broken unit and this was one of the best home improvements IMO. This year we had to buy a new stove/oven. I am loving that as well! That is a GE I believe.

    I sure hope you and your hubby feel better soon. I understand the weather blues..........only 10 degrees today in Wisconsin where I live. However, Spring temps on the way next week.

    Also, I work for a small company (15 employees) - started it with my boss in 1999.........and over the years he has not taken a salary or a lessened one so his employees can get one. That was more in the beginning and during the time where many were laying off people. Now, thank God we are profitable and doing well. Everyone gets their salary and yearly increase. And every quarter we get bonus's based on how the company has done. One of the big challenges as a small company now is Health Insurance. We do offer it to our employees - we pay a percentage of premium and the employees pay the rest. Every year it is a struggle to figure out how to offer this benefit. I am part of the team that makes that decision and decisions on other benefits. From my experience it isn't easy for Management to make these hard decisions. I hope that where your husband works they ultimately have good intentions for their employees.

    Wishing you the best in all things!

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - Was wondering about you and your dead refrig. so I decided to check back on this thread. Yes, they do have SO MANY different kinds models and prices. You COULD spend a fortune on one. Sorry to hear that Kevin won't be getting a raise or anything. Does Kevin work for a small or large company??? As KELLY said -There are so many concerns I know especially with the smaller companies and med. insurance and other things too. Lots of things to worry about in the future including us older people, can be scary but I TRY not to dwell on it..

    YES, look at the best buy for the buck. Wish I had a CONSUMER REPORT but I don't. GOOD LUCK SWEETIE but let us know what you go when your buy.

    Hope you both feel better soon . How warm will your THAW be- 40 degrees :)??

    Love to you,
    Granni :)
  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Diane, I wanted to add that when we bought our Maytag at Sears, years ago, it was on sale and less expensive that the one we had intended to purchase. Sometimes you can find a bargain. I hope you and your hubby are feeling better today. Stay warm and watch out for those icy streets! :) GB
  13. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody,

    Just checking the replies, and saying "THANKS" again!

    Kelly, Sounds like you have a great company. Kevin's employer used to be like that. They'd have little "luncheons" (hamburgers/hot dogs), perhaps a margarita Friday, little "gifts" like $20 gift cards from Best Buy for putting in the extra hours -- not all the time, just every so often. Minimal Christmas bonuses. And raises, not great but decent. Morale was good.

    Everything went downhill last several years. Upper management wants the $$. Staff can quit if they don't like it. Sad. It's a large company, and makes a lot of money. Last year they fired a bunch of workers via email. Security was showing up at their desks to escort them from the building. Again, sad.

    We'll find the money to budget for the appliances. And yep, sometimes just browsing a store will find a great sale deal. Fingers crossed.

    We still have a coating of ice here, under the snow. I didn't think that Kevin could get his car out of the driveway this morning to get to the doctor's office. Took him forever! And the salt won't work to melt, temp is 4 degrees. I will welcome the 40's, coming soon.

    Thank you again for all your thoughts, opinions, good wishes, etc. I just heard from Kevin and he got another script for ABX, bronchitis is still hanging on. So we may not be shopping this weekend. I'm kinda getting used to washing "one sink full" of dishes per day.

    I'll keep y'all updated.

    Hugs, Diane
  14. kswebb

    kswebb Member

    Diane ~ love your attitude! I have an idea..........we need to go car shopping this weekend..........YUCK! So I'll trade you appliance shopping for car shopping???? What do ya think?

    Stay warm if you can ~ we may hit 30 degrees today with sunshine, but a brisk wind! I will take it though.........
  15. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks! :)

    Just an idea for you -- depending on what you're looking for ......

    We had Kevin's car just "die" about 2 years ago. He got it off the main road and onto the side street. Reliable mechanic said "trash it." So, no car. (My car was sold a couple years before that, and we haven't had the money to get me another car. We're a 1-car family.)

    Oh no, what to do. Then I thought -- what MAKES/MODELS don't you hear about in the news for recalls, etc.? We rented a car to pick Kevin up from the house (they have pick-up service). He drove to the Kia dealer and (many hours) later, drove home with a 39-month leased KIA Optima. We paid more than we wanted to, because the old car died JUST BEFORE the February Presidents' Day Sales. Grrrrrrr.

    So, think about leasing. Some dealers offer $0 down. Reasonable monthly payments. And you have the option to buy, after the lease is up.

    Our lease will be up May of 2016. I think we're just gonna lease another, new car.

    You stay warm, too! And good luck with your car shopping!

    Hugs, Diane
  16. kswebb

    kswebb Member


    Actually the car we are getting rid of is a lease.........Ford Fiesta. We were in a situation when we got that one that leasing was a better option and we thought we would end up buying it at the end of the lease but not happy with the car for various reasons. Recalled twice and part never really fixed the problem. And I have MS and having some mobility issues and that car is way to "low" for me to get in and out of. It is quite comical actually to see me some days trying to get my booty out of that car! Have to laugh about it or I would cry ;)

    We have another car "paid" off - a Pontiac Vibe which is actually in pretty good condition still. But since that is paid off we think we will "buy" this time. But not exactly sure. We had a KIA for awhile (old and used) and it left a bad taste in our mouth (memory!). I am really liking the Mazda's or the Suburu. Small SUV is what we want.

    Due to the MS and vision issues I don't drive much anymore and NEVER on the freeway. My hubby and I work in close proximity of each other so the 3 days I have to be in the "office" we carpool. He drives us via the freeway to his job - I then take the wheel and drive to my office (only 10 minutes away) and can get there on side streets. The other two days I work from home but need a car because I try to schedule my dr. appointments, acupuncture, yoga, etc for those days. My employer is awesome and lets me be flexible with my schedule. So two cars is still in the picture for now........until they say I am not allowed to drive anymore. I had one dr. tell me that - but I got two other opinions who disagreed so I am going with those ;) I know the days when I can't drive and I just don't.

    I will keep you posted on the car saga! Trying to be "zen" about it. Hard for me as I tend to "stress" but really what does that get me?


  17. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Kelly --

    Sending good thoughts your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep me posted, please.

    Hugs, Diane
  18. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Hi Diane,

    When my Maytag dishwasher, that was 10 years old, needed replaced last year, I went to a local family owned appliance store.

    The owner told me that his recommendation for an affordable, yet well made dishwasher was a Kitchen Aid. It has a stainless steel interior and is quiet. He said it was his experience that they needed very few repairs.

    I have been very happy with it.
  19. jkennedy

    jkennedy Member

    Hi, Diane. This is off topic, but you mentioned your husband has bronchitis. I found a great tea that helps with hacking coughs and bronchitis.

    It's Gaia Herbs Bronchial Wellness tea. You can read reviews at Amazon and iHerb. I got mine at Whole Foods.

    My husband was godawful sick with what was probably the flu. After drinking 2 cups of the tea, his cough was much better, and he got well rapidly after that.
  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Nanie and JK,

    All topics are welcome here. I've had a lot going on in a relatively short amount of time.

    And I appreciate y'all replying to me.

    Nanie, You're not the first to recommend a KitchenAid. Ours is a Kenmore, 19 years old. Yep 19. Which makes our 'fridge (maytag) 19 y/o too. And our Kenmore stove 19. Gosh, how time flies, from moving in to a new house (with 5-ish y/o appliances), to being here 14 years now. I thank you for sharing your recommendations.

    JK, Hmm, sounds good. We don't have a Whole Foods here yet (we have a Trader Joe's and a Sunnybridge Health Foods). I'm still coughing a lot, and like I said Hubby needs another round of ABX. Maybe we'll give Sunnybridge a call tomorrow, see if they stock the tea. THANKS!

    Y'all are great. I appreciate PH so much, and all its members.

    Hugs, Diane

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