I need a referal to a doctor in alberta. Please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by asherahca, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. asherahca

    asherahca New Member

    I need a good doctor in alberta. I was in alot of pain yesterday I think every joint in my body hurt.
    Any one have their collar bones hurt before?? Weird.
    thanks alot everyone
  2. asherahca

    asherahca New Member

    I guess most ppl here are from the states tho...

  3. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    Where in Alberta are you?
    Are you closer to Edmonton or Calgary or are you from a rural district? I will help out if I can. Denamay
  4. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    Let me know if you're close. It won't be an easy task, as so many docs aren't accepting new patients. My mom & sis work at an emerg in this city & can get a hold of a list of docs accepting new patients. You could also call the Calgary Health Link Line. It's 24 hours & they will at least point you in the right direction, the number is in the phone book under hospitals in the front(pink pages). None of the 6 docs in my office are acceting new patients. let me know if I can help you out. Just to let you know I've been waiting upwards of 9-12 months for specialists, tests, MRI. Be prepared to be pushy in these parts, especially if your body is telling you to listen up. I've had to resort to going to emerg when doc wasn't taking me seriously. Goodness if you have to do that here, take enough stuff as you'll be spending 12-24 hours there. Good luck, Take Care, Laura
  5. happycanuk

    happycanuk New Member

    I live in Red Deer. If I can help, I will.
  6. asherahca

    asherahca New Member

    Thanks everyone
    I live in Camrose alberta. About an hour from edmonton.
    I know what you mean about docs not accepting patients anymore.It's like that here to.

  7. applecrisp

    applecrisp New Member

    Where you at? Love to help if I can
  8. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I can't help you. I've spent alot of time in Camrose area, but not at the doc! I would do what I suggested & get a list from the hospital. I'm sure there was one there. Or the closest one. Good luck, Laura

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