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    Yesterday I had another appt with my D.O who specializes in physical rehabilitation. My previous appointment he had me switch to Ultramn 50mg 1-2 every 8 hours. If that didn't work he had me try Flexiril, 10 mg. For the vidit I had with him yesterday it might as well could have been a phone conference...he asked how the Ultram was doing (not working), the Fexilril puts me into a coma ( took one at
    10 am, fell alseep at 11am, hubby woke me at 2pm asking if I was ok) I said the Vicodin really helps. He refuses to give me anymore. I do understand, but I also understand if I have found something that is HELPING me why change it? I asked if I could up my intake of Ultram NO! he said and offered no alternative. He took me off the Trazadone at night because I found myself sinking into sort of a stupor---no motivation...etc. He switched me to Ambien. I have heard this has helped others, I took it last night and was up nearly every hour of the night. Should I look for a new doctor? I'm not really sure how familiar this guy is with FMS. Would I be better off with a rheumatologist?? I'm mad I drove a hour for basically nothing. he gave the Ambien and said, I'll see you in three months....so I guess I have to suffer until then?? Please,anyone, tell me what I should do! I'm lost and still new at this new ballgame.
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    Its getting harder and harder to get doctors to give up the pain medication that we need. I posted yesterday about a memo that I saw on the desk at my doctors office about "drug seekers" check it out if you want. Basically what its coming down to is anyone in pain is considered a drug seeker. They are teaching the doctors that we are quilty until proven innocent. Its not right that we all are having such a problem with getting the pain relief that we need just because of these "drug seekers" or "drug addicts" is a better term. I understand how you feel and if your not getting the proper care that you need from this doctor then its time to move on to the next. I had the same problem everytime I found something that gave me some relief the doctor would snatch it away from me. So finally I ended up in pain management and working with a doctor that isnt scared to treat pain. I hope you find some relief.

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    docs just dont understand the pain of feeling like someone has beaten you all over with a baseball bat!i had to really sit down and have talk with my internist.my rhumy understands & gives me what i need. for sleeping i takealprazalam. it works pretty good for me. i get 1-2 times a nite.i also take mirapex which is a treatment on trial. it has done wonders for me!

    good luck
    kathy c