I need advice on flares

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lgp, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Hi everybody. Thanks to Redwillow and Prickles for the nice welcome to the boards.

    I was wondering if anybody could post for me just exactly what seems to put them into a flare. I am trying to be diligent and pay specific attention and I believe my worst two factors are insomnia and exposure to secondhand smoke. My pain magnifies when I have a sleepless night and the secondhand smoke is a huge problem since my mother is a heavy smoker and it's a lost cause. I keep my visits to their house (they live local to me) to a bare bones minimum, but it's like clockwork--I go there and the next day, I'm in agony. She doesn't even smoke in my presence, it's the residual smoke in the house that does me in.

    I believe that these are the two factors that push me into a pain flare but I would really like to hear from other people on the factors that cause flares for them.
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  2. Suzan

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    It could be the stress of the visit more than the smoke that causes you to flare. Weather fronts make many of us hurt as well.
    After 3 years of really paying attention to my body...what I find is that for the most part, I am not that predictable! What I think will kick up the FMS sometimes doesn't..and things I think won't matter..can kick up a fair amount of pain!
    What I try to do is keep regular hours, eat well, and keep stress as low as I can get it. Of course with stress it isn't always under your control..but I try! Some regular exercise is helpful as well..for me it has to be simple, like simple yoga..or stretches done in a pool or hot tub. But we all are a bit different with what we can manage exercise wise as well.
    Lack of sleep definately has a negative effect..I just read an article, I believe it was on this site, about the sleep meds available to day...They suggested that melatonin..and valerian root..both available OTC...work just as well for most people with out the side effects and addictive qualities associated with prescribed sleep meds. I have had great success with valerian when sleep has been an issue for me.

  3. lgp

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    thanks suzan--valerian tea has definitely worked for me too but...not everynight. I seem to becom immune to it so I save it for my most desperate moments!!!!

    Keep the ideas coming!!!

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