I need advice, please, how to survive packing the house to move

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. BethM

    BethM New Member

    We are selling our house, hope to sell and close escrow by the end of December. Should be possible.

    HOWEVER! my darling spouse is already living far away, working a new job. That leaves the bulk of the sorting and packing to me. I've already gotten rid of a considerable amount of stuff, but this is a tough job. It feels very overwhelming. We've lived here nearly 20 years, and that is a lot of accumulation.

    Granted, I've done a fair amount of sorting and tossing the past several summers, but there's a lot left. We aren't the tidiest people around. Clean, yes, tidy, no.

    So. Any suggestions from those who've been there, done that', on how to survive this?

    Summer break is over in a few weeks, and once I'm back to work I don't know where the energy will come from to do this job of packing.

    I do have one adult son at home, but he is not overly helpful. My sister offered to come up for a weekend to help sometime in September, so that will help, but I feel so overwhelmed with the whole thing.

    I am fighting the fibro, as it reacts to the disruption in the house. Things are a mess, I have piles of packing boxes that a friend just gave me, and somehow, this house has to be ready to be shown by the realtors!

    How do I get it and keep it 'showing ready'?????

    I haven't changed houses in 20 years, and last time I wasn't up to my adenoids in fibro and other health issues.

    I need a fairy god mother...

  2. Toga

    Toga Member

    We are moving into a new home within the next few months.

    I'm afraid I haven't done too much about the sorting, packing etc. I get the regular chores done and then crash.

    I am in a Milnacipran Drug Study and while it has helped the pain a lot, my energy level is only a little improved. I feel really useless most of the time.

    So I'll be waiting for answers to the above thread. I can also use all the advice I can get.

  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Do you have a gargage, or can you rent a storage unit? The best way I have found, was to pack everything I did not need to use daily.

    I bought hundreds of purging boxes from Office Depot as they were easier to handle, and could stack them on top of one another easily.

    Write the name of items/ or rooms they go in on the outside of the box. No confusion when you moved in the new house.

    I kept the odd size boxes for things to go to the GoodWill, and bags for the things that went to the garbage cans.

    We ate tv/frozen dinners, used paper cups/plates/glasses untill we moved! Saved time and work.

    Since you are planning on showing the house, you need a storage area for your packed items.

    I have a library of books over ten thousand, so that made things harder than most people have to deal with. I had everything I didn't use including the books packed for two years :) I got a 'head start' on moving..........

    I now wish I had given away more things than I did, I am still 'purging' this house now after living here for 11 years.

    Best way to do this, is to go from room to room. I started with the library, then the kitchen, they were the worst jobs for me. Then I did the den and the bedrooms, the closets were a nightmare too. I left the clothes till last.

    I hope others have some more ideas for you, you are going to need some physical help, you pack the boxes and and have your son do the lifting!

    Take rests inbetween your chores, you will last longer without getting sick!

    Good luck with the packing and the selling of the your house.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. BethM

    BethM New Member

    Especially the one about setting a timer for 15 minutes. I tend to go and go and go until I drop, then get discouraged. I can do 15 minutes at a time.

    I have an unused bedroom that I am de-cluttering, and the boxes will go there. No basement here! My sweetie is coming home tonight for the weekend, and will go through that which I have no clue about in that bedroom this weekend.

    Once I get a place to put the boxes I can start packing the 'chatchkes' (things that need to be dusted. We always said if we ever have another cat we will name it chatchke.)

    If I can focus on one room at a time I may survive this.

    Thank you so much, those key tips are wonderful!

    I can't imagine packing up 10,000 books... just their weight must have been staggering! We pared down our library last year. Hurt to do that, but we had to.

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  5. Toga

    Toga Member

    several of you have "been there." I am going to use some of the ideas. I like the, one room at a time, idea the most.

    I find myself running, ok walking, from room to room trying to decide what to do and then I just give up because it all seems so overwhelming.

    I'm going to start next week. Got to go to the Study Dr. on Monday. That takes all day and wears me out.

  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Beth, the purging boxes 'fit' on the bookshelves, so I would put a box on the shelf, then fill it up with books, one at a time. I didn't lift them!

    After it was filled, I just pushed it back on the shelf, wrote what catagory the books were in on the box. Saved a lot of time when they were moved to the other house.

    My grandson who was nine years old at the time, loved helping me to unpack and put the books back on the shelves when I did move. It took us a week. But other than my dogs, I love my books best in this world..........

    My whole library looked like the 'Cold Case Files', on tv :)

    I have pictures of the books on the bookshelves in boxes, its really quite a sight :)

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. urge2soar

    urge2soar New Member

    I know exactly how you feel!!! The purging is a huge job, but by going room to room and really letting go of things you no longer need or want it really can be accomplished WITH HELP. Purge, purge, purge....I did and still wish I hadn't brought many things.

    Make three piles as you begin cleaning a room/closet. One for packing, one for donating and the other for the trash. The garage will be your friend...when people came to see our house they saw an orderly clean home until they hit the garage. More than once I would apologize for the mess and was told, "I understand, we're doing the same thing".

    After all the purging...(I had 3 kids and 11 years worth)...you will be amazed at how good things look.:) Take your time, take breaks and ask for help.

    Remove the personal items...pictures, etc. so that the potential buyer can see themselves living in the house.

    The front door area is the first impression. I did some flower planting and made sure it was always clean. It truly makes a difference.

    When the house is going to be shown (I asked that they call first), have a laundry basket ready and go room to room picking up anything laying around. Put the basket in the garage. Boil some water with cinnamon sticks and cloves and let it simmer on the burner or use the potpourri candles. I used the yankee candle potpourri tarts...they work great. Turn on lights/fans, soft music and leave.

    Get rest, get help and eat well. Moving is one of the top stressors in life. You must take care of yourself. It can be overwhelming when you look at the big picture; take little snapshots and accomplish a little at a time. Kick your son's ____ and have him help too! He can get the back yard ready for you...something.

    Our house sold in a week. The goal is to get it sold fast and be done with it. We were fortunate. I too was home doing it alone, and once it sold I didn't have to keep everything so "show ready". (Heavy sigh)

    Wishing you the best.


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