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  1. BethM

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    In addition to the FMS, I have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Personally, I think the FMS aggravates both of those. Anyway, the CTS and tendinitis are covered by worker's comp, and I've been out of treatment since last May, although I do have continuing care available.

    My hands have been very painful the past few weeks, and I'm getting numbness in the right thumb and index finger again. I use the IF unit (like TENS) daily, and that helps, but the keyboarding at work is the culprit.

    Problem is, if I go back to the worker's comp doctor, he will want to do surgery on my hands. That scares the you know what out of me! I scar internally after surgeries, which could leave me worse off than when I started.

    Questions: do I go back to the worker's comp doc anyway? Wait for the thyroid blood tests that my NP ordered to come back and see if thyroid supplementation helps the CTS? If I end up with surgery or off work, there is no one to cover my office. The district will put a classified person in to cover, but not another school nurse. (I'm pretty possessive about my office, anyway!) It's not a pretty picture to come back to my office after having been gone even a couple of days.

    So, any suggestions? Comments? I've been barely keeping the FMS under control lately, needing more pain meds for that, too. I am looking forward to a week off in April, and then summer break starting June 13. Help???

    Thank you!
  2. Shirl

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    For Beth...............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Beth, I have recomended Manganese (at least 50mcg per day) for tendinitis and it has worked 3 out of 3 times. I've read several times that B6 works well for CTS. Good luck.
  4. BethM

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    Thank you, Shirl, for the Bump!

    Apologies, the names are gone from my teflon brain, but I will check out the ART therapy, and perhaps even present it to the worker's comp doc. MAYBE he'll go for it, and they'll pay for it, who knows? I sure don't want to be paying for it myself if I don't have to.

    Manganese... not sure if it's in the multi I take (FibroResponse by Source Naturals), but I'll check when I get home tonight. If not, I'm sure my favorite healthy foods store will have it. It's worth a try! I've heard of using magnesium, though, for muscle and nerve problems.

    Onward, it's almost the weekend. whew.

    Peace, (here and the world)
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    I too have carpal tunel in both hands.I had surgery done in my right hand and the numbness went away but the pain is still there(its been two years)I also scar easily.My left one was getting really bad , but my doc said to wait untill thyroid was under control, that it could be the culprit and I may not need surgery. My hands are in pretty bad shape, but I would rather not have surgery if I dont have to.
    I tried to get workers comp to cover the surgery and other expenses but they denied me (couldnt prove it was work related)Where the heck else would I get it???? I was so mad I appealed it and havent heard anything about it!Thats another reason I dont want my left hand done, I would have to pay for all of it.SUCKS!
    I have been DX with FM for a couple months now( had symptoms for over 10 years)along with hypothyroidism and I guess both diseases have carpal tunnel as symptoms(had I known that I wouldnt have had the surgery)I would have waited to see if treatment of FM an hypothyroidism would have helped the carpal tunel.OH well...what is done is done.My advise to you is to wait until thyroid test and go from there....
    Hope this helps....(((hugs)))
  6. BethM

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    Your comments about low thyroid affecting the FMS and CTS have given me courage and hope. The blood for the thyroid tests was drawn last Friday, should get results this week, I hope, or next. Maybe it'll be that simple. I can live and hope. Thank you.