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  1. hoodnanny

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    i have been to dr and he treated me for RA i have taken predisone when i was so bad....he put me on plaqunil and tynol when the swelling went down in my feet..plus tyneol.

    what i want to know is, is this arthritis or fm....when i try to walk. my calves and feet feel like they are going to freeze and lock up and not walk...the more i walk then it goes to knees, and then to both hip joints..on the side. the whole legs then want to give way...i cant balance good.....
    when i first went to him he mentioned fibromalgia .....never said completly what was wrong with me...other than he was sure i ra...
    so what i am asking is anyone here that has the same problem and what do you do and take...he want give me anything else. and it is so painful and it makes me so weak
    sorry to ask. but i gotta know if anyone else has what i have...tell me what you do....the feet, knees. and hips feel like they need oiling.

    thanks for any help... ..shirley

  2. larry11

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    I was convinced of my doctors diagnosis when I read that tramadol is like one of the few meds that really help with fm, i was put on tramadol from the er doctor, and this was sort of accidental, the i was diagnosed and convinced,

    I was on tramadol for a short time like 5weeks, then it started to do nothing, i have graduated quickly to more hard meds, maybe you can ask for like 5 day script fom your doctor.

    If it is FM, i`m sure you will start haveing more pain in many other places, my pain is for the most part my back and chest (the entire area front and back) not so much my legs and arms, god bless you and good luck to you.. Larry
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  3. Pianowoman

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    It is difficult to say whether it is RA or FM, although to me it sounds more like arthritis. I have never experienced anything like that.
    If you are in that much pain and with the mobility problems, you need to talk to your Doctor and sort this out soon. For sure you need pain relief immediately.

    Good Luck and let us know.

  4. dancingstar

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    Hey Shirley,

    There is a blood test for RA. If you've had it, the doctor should know for sure one way or another.

    And sure enough, the tramadol does take away my pain, at least for a while...even if in my case it takes it an hour to work.
  5. hoodnanny

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    that i have pain all over now.....especially in shoulders and neck..really i hurt all over..my neck especially...it cracks and pops, and is a painful as my feet and legs...it feels like the blood has been sucked out of me...