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    my 16 yr old daughter has been having problems for about 3-4 monthes now. she has constant full body pain, headaches, migraines, upset stomach and probably more symtoms i am forgetting. i have taken her to a chiropractor because it started as hip pain. he wasn't able to help her so he sent us to an orthopedic doctor that did xrays and a mri. nothing came of them and he referred her to physical therapy that only made her hurt more. i took her back to the chiropractor that still was not working so he then sent us to a neuroligist. she did an eeg and only came up with irriated brain waves. she is now just jumping her from medication to medication that is doing nothing to help my daughter. i am out of ideas. does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of doctor i should take her to?

    thanks for any advice.
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    I would definitely take her to an integrative medicine doctor as jam suggested. Regular docs know next to nothing about nutrition etc. and often just hand out meds, as you are experiencing, instead of getting to the cause of the problem. And the meds they hand out come with their own host of problems. A good website to find an IM doctor is acam.org - they have a link near the top of the page, "health resources", scroll over it and you'll see a link where you can search for IM doctors in your area.

    Your daughter could be reacting to certain foods. There are lots of possibilities.

    One more thing you might try is a chiropractor who does muscle testing. Not for her hip pain, but a competent one can find out a lot about what's going on in the body through muscle testing, sometimes called applied kinesiology, lots of differnet names for it. One way to find a practitioner in your area is the Standard Process website - they make supplements used by chiros who do muscle testing, and their customer service number will give you the names of practitioners in your area. You can also just call names in the phone book and ask. I've been helped a lot by muscle testing when the regular docs were helpless.

    Good luck!

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    I wanted to mention another alternative to you to consider.

    I get extreme severe migraines and thus I see a neurologist that is a specialist in migraines. He had explained to me years ago that many of his patients for migraines he sent for a sleep study and found many came up positive for problems in the sleep study.

    Apparently migraines and various medical conditions and ailments can be caused or impacted by problems experienced during sleep, some of which are when the oxygen is stopped and breathing stops for a significant time and this occurs several times during the night. Some people also have violent muscle contractions during sleep. There is so much that can occur that we don't know about until a sleep study is done.

    Again, the sleep study is done by a sleep study specialist, at their location and you stay the entire night. You are wired up, videotaped, print outs are constantly going, and you are monitored the entire night. they can tell when you are asleep, when you hit REM sleep and when you are awake.

    The EEG your daughter received is generated for only for a very short period of time--just a reminder.
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    I wanted to add that I have chronic severe migraines since 1990, thus the neurologist specializing in migraines. I have been to several states and to many specialists and chiropractors without resolve. Finally, the Botox for migraines is what has made the best improvement for me.

    But your need would fall in determining what is happening with your daughter first. I would suggest a neurologist specializing in migraines because the muscles and the blood vessels and the brain react differently when in the midst of a migraine. My neurologist specialist was the only one that actually gave me relief and he is incredible and he is the trouble shooter for those having severe migraines.
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    Sorry to hear your daughter is sick.

    Your story struck a cord because that is how my illness started 25 years ago.

    I had Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases but was not diagnosed until 21 year later after doing my own research and seeing a Lyme literate MD.

    Mine started in my hip also and progressed to full body pain and other symptoms.

    The problem getting a proper diagnosis is that the blood tests are very inaccurate. Many people who actually have Lyme, test negative...so keep that in mind....that's where the Lyme literate MD helped tremendously...he was an expert who could diagnose me based on history, symptoms, labs, etc.

    You can learn more about Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) and other common tick borne diseases such as Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, etc at these links:





    Also, lymenet.org has boards just for lyme disease and other tick borne infections...a medical questions board, Seeking a Dr board, etc.

    It's worth looking into tick-borne diseases as a possibility of the cause of your daughter's symptoms.