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    I had very bad vertigo about 4 weeks ago and have not felt right since. Since then I have muscle spasms, hand trembling, balance problems, memory problems (more confussion than anything) and dizziness. I have also had an MRI and the results were change and/or cloudy white matter but I was told it is not MS. I feel as thought my doctors office has written me off as crazy. I was told to see a Neurologist if I wanted to and to continue to take both valium and mycelizine for the dizziness......please let me know if I am crazy or is this something I should be worried about. I would be more than happy if they just said I was nuts but I feel like this is something more serious.
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    One possibility to consider is that you may have been infected with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection.

    The symptoms you mentioned are on the lyme symptom checklist.

    Testing for lyme is very unreliable for many reasons. Unfortunately, 99% of Dr's are not lyme literate and do not understand how many people with lyme disease test negative, when they actually do have the infection.

    Lyme literate MD's follow ILADS guidelines for long term treatment. They believe that chronic lyme disease exists and that it is difficult to treat and requires more than a few weeks of antibiotics.

    Non-lyme literate MD's (99% of Dr's) follow IDSA guidelines for short term treatment and do not believe that chronic lyme disease even exists. They say you are cured with a few weeks of antibiotics even if your symptoms persist.

    Here is some info for you to read:



    http://www.ilads.org/lyme_disease/B_guidelines_12_17_08.pdf (symptom checklist pages 9-11)

    Good luck to you! If you need anymore info, just let me know.
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    Could be vestibular. Or viral. Or bacterial. Did they take bloods? I would stick with neurologist. Sometimes they just monitor these things for up to several weeks.

    Another alternative would be to ask for a second opinion. Ive had to do that in the past, and got good results from doing so.

    Best wishes

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