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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Alycia07, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Hi I was diagnosed with FM in february. Before all of that I was having a problem with the doctors diagnosing me with a urinary tract infection. I had to suffer for 2 years until they finally found out it was a urinary tract infection. My question is can an infection that has lasted so long cause or trigger FM? and also if it did trigger it should i take further steps to prove it was the doctors mistake for not finding such a simple infection for 2 years? Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks
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    Off the path just a bit here, I hope you don't mind Alycia07, but when you were dealin with a sluggish thyroid how was your memory and focus? I am really getting concerned about me.
    I can't stay focus well enough to have a conversation. Takes me forever to say anything. It seems I suddenely have to struggle to talk to the point everyone tries to finish my sentences.

    I have always had my fair share of Fibro-fog but this is worse just in the last couple weeks.
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    Your UTI is a red flag for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, actually.
    There are a lot of us with CFS that first came down with a UTI, strangely enough.

    It sounds like you've been hit neurologically as well since you're having difficulty paying attention and saying things you want to.

    I don't think UTIs cause FMS, I think they happen because our bodies are out of balance from diseases like FMS.
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    Have you tried Dr. Wilson's program, "Adrenal Fatigue: 21st Century Sress Syndrome"? I am having a significant amount of success with it. It conisists of supplements & dietary changes.

    Thought you may be interested since it sounds like you want to reverse your adrenal exhaustion, but you're not having any luck with other adrenal products.
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    Thanks for posting everyone. It wont let me see any repliest maybe I just dont know how to use this message board yet but thank you anyway. hugs
  6. Alycia07

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    I can finally read the replies but I have to reply first lol. Thanks all of u its all helpful opinions and suggestions. Jasminhealth I thought it would be hard for me to prove anything darn it lol. and with my thyroid yes it is so hard for me to carry on a conversation sometimes or think of what i was just going to say it can take a few minutes some days or sometimes I never remember what I was going to say, mine has also gotten worse the last few weeks when my thyroid started getting bigger.I lose my keys at least once a week but thats only if I keep them in the same spot. If not its more often. anhorholds they finally found out what it was because I ended up finding a new doctor and she knew right away what it was. They also found blood in my urine. She has given me three different types of medacine to make it go away but I'm still not sure if its gone. The strong smells are gone but not everything is right. I might just have to go to a urologist to get rid of it. I will try Dr. Wilsons program also, I have been printing so much stuff out from this site I love it and love that everyone is so willing to help Thanks again everyone.
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