I need another source of plant enzymes than aspergillus

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    Dear friends: I need to find and switch off for a while to a plant enzyme not from aspergillus, a friend joe bentley who founded lifestar had CFS in the l980's he has researched and learned on supps/enzymes whole foods supps. He said plant enzymes come from one of four sources, i've not been able to find a source other than aspergillus to which i'm becoming sensitized, i know because when i quite for 2 days my head allergies cleared up the CATCH 22 as is the case in CFS it seems was i got reflux from not digesting the food and bloating gas all symptom of poor protelytic digestion etc.

    Can you give me some help where to start? Surely some company has a enzyme (plant from a source) other than aspergillus,

    I hate to go to pork or beef, i was mild allergic to them on a skin scratch allergy test and also on ALLCAT igg testing.

    Thanks for your help,

    Paul Story
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    I need another source of plant enzymes than aspergillus

    thanks much i read though in nicollete dumkes food allergy book quoted by jeffrey bland ph.d that bromelin and papay are effective only in protein, not carbs and veggies,

    I have a papay enzyme from natures plus with amalyse, protase and mylase but doesn't seem to help with digestive much,

    bromelain is from pineapple, Joe bentley from lifestar who had cfs in l980's has done research and said aspergillus is only l of 4 sources, how do i find a co. that makes a plant enzyme from something other than the fungi aspergillus,

    i know i'm reacting because of trial and error but can't digest food ie alkaline refluxing w/o some type of digestive enzymes,

    pancreatics are beef and pork sensitive to those too

    Joe suggested raw foods diet, but i need some salmon tuna and grains for omegas and b vitamins respectively already suffering nutritionally due to severeity of my CFS bedridden digestion problems etc.

    Catch 22 is my middle name,

    Anyone that can help me locate a company i've e mailed about 4 and so far all they say is aspergillus their has to be one with another source Joe Bentley said it's only l of 4 sources,

    thanks much Paul Mark
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    you were thinking about juicing and trying natures biotics which are also supposed to break down food as well as treat pathogens in the GI tract.

    You don't have to go on the very strict regime Dale used, you'd have no problems with the foods you should avoid. Dale did this to completely detoxify herself and she did sort out her many chemical sensitivities through this approach.

    There's a brown rice protein supplement that I discovered somewhere on the web, sorry can't remember where but a search might bring it up. That would prevent further weight loss and protein deficiency.

    Shame the papaya doesn't work, it's probably the gentlest and safest of all the enzymes.



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    Our doc just attended a conference at Harvard and heard a lot about this type of omega 3 supplement that my husband is now taking. It's called Omega Brite. It's distributed by Omega Natural Health in Hamden, CT. You can figure out the website easily. I don't know where to get it. My doc sells it because he became so impressed with it up at Harvard. He takes it himself. Thought this product might enable you to go to a raw diet. Check it out.
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    thanks for tips i need the web for the omega please e mail me please see below

    YES i've been juicing for a long time, but now even that is a CATCH 2 my lips tongue and inside cheeks stay broke out in sores, a homepath that was workign wtih me over e mail (by the way she ripped me off money wise) figured out and Cheney's test thru drs. data showed HI arsenic mercury etc.

    well arsenic is in veggie also the homepath said same thing happened to her, and the oxalic acid from many foods which some tell me from halejuah acres (you know the diet) that only oxalic acid is a problme in raw spinach not in the foods i can eat per rotation diet like red bell peppers, tomatoes, parsnips even, spinach, beet green leaves swiss chard, I"M in a heck of a catch 22, I wish i could drive and mainstream western KY had a good naturpath, to figure out what is causing some of these worsening problmes, i react to most everthing allergic wise lymp nodes swell,

    I do better allergy wise on the rotation food allergy diet except for the juicing i have to juice on certain the nite shade that one list that hte homepath emailed of above mentioend foods that are HI in oxalic acid,

    but as i said i e mailed the ND at halejuah acres and he says norman walker in the his juicing books say, only cooked spinach or possible too much raw spinach is a problme with this IE the ongoing sores,

    fruit i crave it and it breaks out the tongue mouth inside cheeks i"VE been dealing with this off and on for over 2 years this problme,

    and i don't know what to do and DR. cHeney sure hasn't been much help on it,

    By the way TANSY i'm on the nature biotics and conversing with DALE but no body can seem to even help the sores the food sensitivies and the BOXED in feeling as Cheney says i'm in that situation .

    SO i just pray and pray i don't know what to do,

    Thanks all, as far as the non aspergillus enzymes other than pork beef i struck out talked to the enzyme cos. themselves and they said i won't find one,

    paul mark
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    This is their # 800-228-1501. They claim to be plant based and even offered free samples of 2 types they carry. They should be able to answer your questions.

    Dr. Teitelbaum mentions BioSET and NAET in his book. It is a technique that treats food allergies. The book "The Food Allergy Cure" by Dr. Ellen Cutler describes how to cure food allergies at home. My son and I are being treated right now. Time will tell if it works.

    Hope they are able to help you. -Karen